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Monday, November 19, 2007

Internet problems

I've been trying to fix my blog according to internet explorer 6. I didn't realise there was a problem as I use Firefox so found out unexpectedly that my blog looks wrong on explorer 6. All my links to free patterns, online groups etc were all at the bottom of the page - next to the first post of each month. Which means most people probably never see them if they are just reading the latest post.

This all came about whilst discussing the forthcoming NEW website with the website designer (my beloved). Some techy stuff which I don't profess to understand was being explained and lo and behold the blog was viewed on explorer and the problem revealed itself. The complexities and differences between systems leaves me baffled.

Anyway the blog is fixed now and here is a little sneaky preview of my new homepage

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And this is the navigator bar. Don't you just love the cutting line and scissors.

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Its just so lovely. Its been great to be able to say, I'ld like this and I'ld like that and everything I designed on paper or asked for is there. Extra links and pages are already being built in so I can add my dresses to it when I'm ready, ready made knitwear and 'sewing patterns'. These are going to take a bit of working on but I will get there.

I was so excited to see my designs all displayed at the Stitch 'n Bitch day. Here's a photo of a section of the knitonthenet stand with Lost in Music, Angora hearts cardigan, retro cloche and Unshaped shrug all in shot.

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And as this little beauty has now been on public display I can show you the Frilly Jumper from 'A Stitch in Time' in all her glory.

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The garment is made in Habu natural dyed 'Kusaki Zome' Silk and the frills are edged in Habu A-20 Stainless Steel. I just love the idea of using the natural silk with the man made steel and I've finally got something to show on the Habu KAL

I'm going to start posting tomorrow on finishing off Sloppy Joe from Rowan Studio 6.
I'll be starting with the short row shaping for the shoulders and picking up the stitches for the deep V neck.

but for now
Ruby xxx


Gudrun Johnston said...

Love the frilly jumper...also love writing jumper instead of sweater! It's gorgeous. How exciting to be working on a real website (in my mind for sometime in future)! Now I'll have to check how my blog looks on explorer!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The new site looks just lovely!
The second parcel will be leaving in a few days... SP

Robin said...

I love the look of the new site! I know what you mean about it being difficult to make sure sites appear correct on different software platforms - very complicated!!

Anonymous said...

SEWING IS THE NEW KNITTING--It use to be Knitting is the new yoga. I rented two of my three rooms at my shop to a sewing teacher...You are a very Busy and crafty gal....Good for You.