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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July Competition

I know I say this practically every post, but where does the time go? A week has passed yet again since I blogged. I never intend for it to be a week. However this time I feel I can pass the blame onto someone else. It's this man's fault -


I'm sorry, gratuitous I know, but Rafa Nadal has forcibly stopped me from moving away from my TV set, playing the most stunning tennis I've ever seen. I always love Wimbledon, but this year was a particularly wonderful year. I did get plenty of knitting done though, and even more sewing up, lots and lots of sewing up and finishing. I know this isn't many knitters favourite way of spending time, but I really enjoy it. Its probably the dress maker in me, but I love turning unfinished knitted shapes into complete garments. Most of what I've been doing is for knitonthenet which should hopefully be 'live' at the end of the weekend.

This month's giveaway isn't quite as up to the minute as the last but it is a lovely book nonetheless. Its Loop D Loop Crochet by Teva Durham.


I bought two of these, one for me and one for a friend and she had already bought herself it! And of course, I forgot to send it back and is now waiting for a good home. It hasn't even been looked through as I use my other copy so is definately as good as new. Even if you're not a crocheter I think its an inspiring book. This is one of my favourites.


All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog before next Tuesday night and I will pick the winner at random.

Finally, my copy of Vogue arrived in the post this week, and there is a gorgeous photoshoot of Agnes Deynes as a 'northern lass' showing some scrummy knitwear for the autumn. This one's my favourite, probably because of the pig, but I've been told that even if I make the cardigan I won't get the pig!


Love the Desperately Seeking Susan styling as well. Reminds me of my youth!! I never managed the eyebrows though.


for now
Ruby xx


Anonymous said...

are the commenters outside the UK eligible for the draw? if yes - count me in :)
I've been lurking around ever since the Paper Bag pattern in knitty and seeing as I'm now out of the shades I'd like to tell you I really like your blog, it's definitely inspiring :)

Julia said...

I would just LOVE that book for my MIL! She's been making doilies forever and is just beginning to branch out into other avenues of crochet. Count me in the drawing! Thanks!

Rhian said...

Please don't apologise for the gratuitous Rafa! I've been glued to the TV as well, and that final was just something else - totally sublime tennis. I was delighted with the outcome.

I always look forward to knitonthenet 'issues', so it's great to hear that it'll be out soon.

Stephanie N said...

Oh wow! That Vogue stuff looks fabulous!!!!!!!! And so does the Loop D Loop one-I just saw a project in the knitting one I want to make while surfing Ravelry :)
I don't expect to be in this contest since I won the last one, but I just had to comment on the Vogue ;)

Green Kitchen said...

I'm in for the book and the hunk.


Mikaela said...

I'm originally a "northern-ish" lass, but never looked like that unfortunately. Although I reckon I'd just corpse at the photographer's direction ... "Now, Agyness, lean on the pig and look mysterious".
Definitely with you on the Rafa situation too!

Julie NR said...

Rafa who?

Sorry been too busy knitting to notice anything else!

Great blog by the way and would love to enter the draw!

luv2stitch said...

I watched every second of that tennis match. I'm waiting for the DVD to come out.
I'd love to be considered for the book. Thanks!

Aruba Blue said...

Wow, looking at that gorgeous man I hope you didn't drop any stitches, mindblowing tennis or what!!x

Heather said...

I have recently discovered that I enjoy crochet much more than I thought I did, so that book would be fab. I think I might even grab it if I don't win.

My son has been staying with my sister who is a tennis nut and now wants to change sports for next year. It def suits him better than American Football.

Can't wait to see what's in kniton thenet next.

Queen of the froggers said...

Is that the latest Vogue knitting? I must go and look for it, it looks great. I rarely knit from Vogue but I love the looks they come up with. I like the look of that crochet book, I liked her knitting one (which I might buy sometime too!)

Susie Hewer said...

Humph, I haven't got my copy of Vogue Knitting yet! I presume you mean Vogue, as in the fashion magazine so I won't sulk too much.

Did you notice that Rafa had a very hungry bottom? Well, it must have been 'cos it kept eating his shorts and he was forever pulling them out of it!!!

Please will you enter me in the draw? Thanks. xxx

Lizzy said...

Looking forward to the next Knit on the Net. The book looks very interesting - I am currently quite in to crochet. It is nice to see crochet coming into fashion in a big way.

modelwidow said...

Oh good another knitonthenet. What a shame your friend already had the book, but how kind of you to offer it up as a prize.

Callie said...

I'm looking forward to the new knitonthenet too, but I'm not going to be able to knit anything but ena for the duration of the olympics!
Thanks for your offer of help with that, by the way!

Alicia said...

I love your blog This is the first time reading I must let you know your beautiful Tropicana lead me to it. will be back for sure.