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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazon Anomoly

Checking yesterday I was surprised to see that A Stitch in Time V:2 is showing as available but with delivery in approx 4 weeks. The book is definitely not available yet and I'm really not sure why amazon is showing it in this way. The approximate delivery date of 4 weeks makes sense but if you order from Amazon expecting the book to arrive immediately I'm afraid you won't receive it.

I do hope this hasn't caused anyone too much disappointment or confusion. Pre-order despatch will be our number one priority once the book is published so hopefully no one will be kept waiting once it is available.

for now
Ruby xx

1 comment :

Knitsister said...

Thanks for this update Susan, Amazon are a law to themselves, I am sure most people know that.
Can't wait for my copy. Take Care
Heike x