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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A visit to the John Arbon mill in pictures

We spent a lovely few days down in Devon visiting our good friends John and Juliet Arbon who run and own John Arbon Textiles where Excelana is made. The mill has recently moved to new premises and so I paid John a visit to see the new mill in action. I get very excited by machinery, particularly old machinery like at John's mill so thought I would share some of my favourite 'machinery and related paraphenalia' photos - now that is not a phrase you'll hear from me very often!

And finally, here's John in action

For now,
Ruby xx


Visa Lisa said...

Oh Gosh how I'd LOVE a visit there!

Andrea Wedley said...

There is a worrying amount of grease in the vicinity - how does he manage to keep it off the wool??

Just call me Ruby said...

It's all very clean around the working machinery :-)

WendyBee said...

I think a woolen mill would be endlessly fascinating! I don't know how to spin yarn, but I'd love to learn, and I'd probably understand what I was seeing at the mill better if I knew how to spin (but maybe vice versa!). You must have a knitting project in the works -- won't you show us, pretty please?

Just call me Ruby said...

There's lots of things on their way Wendy :) unfortunately there's an awful lot I can't share yet but there are some patterns on the way in September :-)

Susie Hewer said...

Lovely machinery Susan. I love old wooden bobbins and shuttles.