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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Talk at Toft

This weekend I will be travelling down to the Warwickshire to the fabulous Toft Alpaca stud farm, home of Toft Alpaca Yarns.

I have always wanted to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful Alpaca stud farm and I'm finally about to get the chance and you can join me. I will be giving a talk this Saturday, the 19th July about my life in hand knitting, how I got to this point, designing, creating my own books and yarns and what is happening next. In addition to the talk you get to go on a tour of the stud farm, which includes meeting the wonderful alpacas themselves, along with delicious refreshments.

The whole event only costs £25 per head. I'm delighted to hear that the event is all set to be very well attended but I believe there are a few extra seats available, so do go along to the Toft website to book your ticket if you would like to come along.

for now,
Ruby xx


alainea stark said...

and a very good it was to.

melanie said...

Hope you had a enjoyable weekend :-)