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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sample Sale

Since moving back in March, I have been attempting to re-organize, clear out, streamline the amount of ‘stuff’ that I have. For a considerable length of time prior to this, I have been concerned about the number of sample garments I need to store. Added to this is the imminent arrival of a hell of a lot of books in less than a week's time (more on this in a day or two), so I have finally made the decision to sell some of them.

A significant number of the items are from A Stitch in Time Volume 1, and all are sold as seen. Some have been used as display garments over the years but all have been stored in dry conditions, and in a smoke, pet and moth free environment. There is only one of each item and they are only available in the size specified and colour shown. As much information as possible will be included on the sale page for each product.

To give everyone an equal opportunity to acquire one of these beautiful knits I have opened a basic ebay shop where I will list each item. The shop will ‘open’ at 7pm (GMT) on Saturday evening - that’s the 29th November.

 Here is the link:

Nothing will be listed on it until the specified time on Saturday, but if you follow the page you will be notified as soon as items begin to go live.

I'm afraid I can’t reserve or hold things for people so if you do want one of these gorgeous knits you will need to go through the ebay shop.

To whet your appetites here are a few of the garments that will be up for sale:

New Cowl Neckline

It Cannot Fail to Please

Fair Isle Yoke

Sun Ray Ribbing

Its going to be hard to let these garments go but I know they will all be going to good homes and the time is right to say goodbye.

Good luck!

For now,
Susan xx


Theodora Goes Wild said...

Ah, I have such happy memories of them. I've already given one a good home, she's very happy here.

A Woolly Yarn said...

Have followed the sale on ebay. Will there be any accessories listed? Sadly I think the garments will be too large but keen to bid on scarves, hats and gloves!

Me, myself and ME said...

Has anyone seen any items yet please?
I have the shop link but it says NO ITEMS for sale.

A Woolly Yarn said...

I can't see any items for sale either. Susan, are you listing them on seven day auction or are they 'buy now' and they've been bought before I logged on? Thanks!

Just call me Ruby said...

Please see my follow up blog post. Having probs with ebay and listings not yet showing. Will keep at it and hopefully will be functioning tomorrow :)

Just call me Ruby said...

Hi Penny having problems with ebay and listings not yet showing. Hoping will have resolved in the morning! P.s. yes there are accessories btw :)

A Woolly Yarn said...

Thanks Susan, am bidding on the hat :-)