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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Announcing the Vintage Shetland Project Blog Tour!

I am delighted to be able to announce the details of an amazing blog tour to celebrate and support the Vintage Shetland Project Crowdfunding Campaign. I can't quite believe the number of people who have offered to be involved.

The tour is called to "To Shetland and Back" and calls on a host of wonderful knitty friends who will each reveal their favourite project from the book on their post. You can see the full list of participants below. Please do visit their blogs to see more of the beautiful hand knits that will feature in the book.  There will also be lots of other things happening here and on other people’s blogs and podcasts to launch the campaign and I’ll do my best to keep you updated of each and every one.

Our first visit today is to the wonderful Louise Scollay in Shetland, otherwise known as Knit British, who has single handedly got this campaign organised, booked and ensured that I haven’t lost steam or faith throughout the process. I really can’t thank Louise enough for all the work she has done to ensure the campaign and the Vintage Shetland Project goes ahead. She is truly amazing!  Louise and I have some other podcasted related goodies up our sleeve for later in the month but for now please do pop over to knitbritish.

Here are the full details of the blog tour and do please visit my pubslush campaign page

The Vintage Shetland Project Blog Tour

Thursday 9th July
Saturday 12th July
Monday 13th July
Wednesday 15th July         

Friday 17th July

Saturday 18th July
Sunday 19th July
Monday 20th July

Tuesday 21st July
Wednesday 22nd July
Friday 24th July
Saturday 25th July

Sunday 26th July
Monday 27th July
Wednesday 29th July
Friday 31st July

Sunday 2nd August
Monday 3rd August

Tuesday 4th Aug

Thursday 6th August
Friday 7th August

So so many exciting things in store! 

for now,
Susan xx

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