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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Computer trouble

I can't think of anything witty to call this post. I have had such a lot of bother with my computer over the last few weeks, and since my last blog TEN whole days ago I've barely been able to use it. I have bitten the bullet and ordered a new MAC, which I hoped would be here on Friday but is now due tomorrow or Tuesday. I really can't wait. I spend so much time on this thing as we all do and there's nothing more frustrating than it wasting your time. However I've managed to get some photos processed of mine and Charlie's matching berets that we knitted together, from the latest Rowan Cocoon book. I knitted the green and Charlie the red - Charlie's modelling both as she looks so cool in berets.


wearing the beret at a 'jaunty' angle


the back view


giving her mother 'lip'


close up of the pattern

The pattern states one ball of Cocoon. You only just have enough. On the green one I've missed the last two rows of working straight out of the pattern to have enough left to cast off. Charlie just managed to get the full pattern out of hers. Other than that though, its a really enjoyable, quick to knit pattern. Great for presents.

On the same day I took photos of a couple of projects I was working on for the I Knit day. There will be two free patterns from me in the programme that's given away on the day. This is a little teaser from one of them.

red flowers

Does anyone remember those halcyon days when Elle used to print a monthly knitting pattern? My friend Julie lent me this one that she found buried deep in her collection.


A John Galliano knitting pattern! Not only that but it is gorgeous. I am desperate to start knitting this but know that I can't yet. Its done in Jaeger Matchmaker 4ply, of which I have mountains. The body is knitted in one piece from front to back, folded in half and sewn up. The neck - inside of the cable cross over - is knitted by picking up stitches on both sides of the cross over. There is then also a placket and a seperate collar. The sleeves work so well too with the cross over cable at the bottom of the sleeve rather than at the top like the front.

Seeing Galliano's name on a knitting pattern reminded me of a Pinguoin booklet I used to have from the 1980's. It was called Pinguoin Creatures. There was more than one of these, but this particular edition had patterns from Jean Paul Gaultier, Azzedine Alaia and I think Anthony Price and Sonia Rykiel. Does anyone else remember this? Does anyone have a copy or know where a copy may exist? I would love to see it again. I might not even like the patterns anymore but it really saddens me that I lost it.

But at least I have my Galliano now.

for now
Ruby xxx

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Or chronologically, the Beast and the Beauty: I have had a very unsatisfactory day today in some ways, spending a considerable amount of time pinning and blocking the pieces of a garment to find that the fronts are different lengths to each other and both different to the back. I'm relieved to say I didn't knit it but I'm annoyed I didn't notice sooner. The welts are completely different lengths and as it is a cardigan its really noticeable at the front. The garment unfortunately can't be used, and I've blocked so some serious winding and washing is to be done.

Ho hum. While on the unwinding and remaking theme, I have decided to undo my sloppy joe. I don't wear it at all and it makes me feel huge. I love the Cocoon yarn though so would like to make something else from the new Cocoon book from Rowan


possibly one of these two -



Charlie and I have started on this lovely beret pattern together. This is the first full pattern that she has followed so we're going row by row together. We should hopefully have them finished in a few days.


I took delivery a few days ago of the latest Kim Hargreaves book called Thrown Together.


I think a lot of the patterns are from her kits but as I haven't got any of them I'm delighted. The book is beautifully photographed and I want to knit practically every project, especially this one


Oh, and this one


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Other than my unfinished beret, most of my knitting is that dreadful secret knitting that you can't share. However, I had a lovely treat the other day when I saw photos of the first completed Tropicana by Wolligkeiten

She has done the most fabulous version of my design. She knitted the body in the round, just starting at row 1 stitch 1 as the 2 piece pattern and had no problems with the pattern.



This is my favourite photo


I've used the word a lot in this post but it is beautiful.

for now

Ruby xxx

Monday, August 04, 2008

Wish I was still here...


We've just returned from our family holiday to a beautiful villa in the heart of the Ibizan countryside, where all we have done is swim, sleep, eat, read and knit (a little). I had hoped to blog before we went away but the last 24 hours before we went away took a turn for the worst when I asked my lovely daughter for the twentieth time to give me her passport (which she was looking after herself because she's a big girl now) and IT HAD EXPIRED!

At first I didn't panic as we are quite near to the main passport office in Liverpool, and they operate a 24 hour premium service. So we rang to arrange for her to go the next day to replace her passport to be told they had commenced a three day strike and there were no appointments available and we couldn't go to the office without one as security would turn us away. The lady at the end of the telephone was unfortunately, very unsympathetic. So we had a cry and a panic and tore our hair out for a while, and then decided to ring again. This time we got the loveliest of people on the phone, who did say the same thing that there were no appointments available but to get down to the office at 8 am the next morning with everything necessary and to beg! It was not the most comfortable 24 hours - but finally at ten past four in the afternoon she had a new passport and we were able to go on holiday.

Whilst there, I did manage a little of my planned holiday knitting although only in the early morning when it was relatively cool.

I knitted most of my Lost in Music cover up, I have about 4 inches to go then just the cuffs to knit.

Lost in Music

I also cast on and did the first pattern repeat of Taj Mahal by Gudrun, using some lovely Habu Silk in a wheat colour.

I also took Orchid from the latest knitonthenet on holiday with me to get some photos of it around the pool and on a 42 inch chest as I think its a really flattering design on those of us more well endowed ladies. Here's a little selection of it from different angles - and the pool, the lovely, lovely pool!

orchid 1

orchid 2

orchid 3

orchid 4

Charlie is sixteen today. I can't quite get over it. My little girl is a young lady. We are out for a family meal this evening with her nanna and granddad and then taking her to Liverpool in the week to get her long awaited IMac laptop ready for college but for now

Ruby xx