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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Designer of the month!

I'm very excited that for the month of June I have been chosen to be designer of the month at the wonderful Ginger Twist Studios on London Road in Edinburgh. 

The shop is owned and run by the delightful Jess who has filled this little shop with a stunning selection of yarns, books and patterns including a number of my own favourites, New Lanark wools, Navia and my own Excelana! Its almost impossible to leave this bright and cheery emporium without purchasing some woolly goodness.

Jess and I first met about a year ago when I visited Ginger Twist Studios for the first time. I called in without warning to be greated by the warm, smiling face of the owner.

Jess brings an incredible amount of enthusiasm to her work and her love of colour and her own fabulous vintage style is reflected all around her in the shop.

Here is the Town and City Tufted Cape knitted in Nile Green Excelana and trimmed with Persian Grey, styled by Jess and on display in the shop. The pattern and the yarn are both available at Ginger Twist.

Another example of Jess's great style is her version of the Plaid Cap from A Stitch in Time volume 2. Knitted in Persian Grey Excelana with stripes worked in bold contrasting colours. Looks fabulous don't you think?

If you're in the Edinburgh area why not call in on Jess and take a closer look at these and some other Susan Crawford samples and patterns that she has on display. On June 21st it is also the first Edinburgh Yarn Crawl and if you're taking part you might very well meet two redheads for the price of one!

for now,
Ruby xx

images courtesy of Jessica James and Karina Westermann

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Moving On - a woolly music video

 ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) has been my daughter's 'home' for the last four years where she has been encouraged and nurtured as a film maker. One of ECA's former students, Ainslie Henderson, is a BAFTA winning animator and he has recently produced an animated music video for one of my favourite bands, James, and it is all made of wool! It is a beautiful piece of animation that leaves you close to tears and the fragility of the wool fibres seem to echo the same fragility of life. Ainslie has also captured some wonderful footage of the wool fibres as they unravel. The song is obviously marvellous as its James, but do take a look and a listen and see what you think.

Moving On from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.

for now,
Ruby xx