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Friday, June 05, 2009

Women at War

I have a great little book, called Women at War published by Liver Press in 1988 and written by a lady called Pat Ayres. This book tells the story of how the second world war impacted on Liverpool women using their own memories and words. With both of my nans, young women in Liverpool at the time, I can't help wondering how many of the stories are their stories. I found out recently that my granddad's sister died at 21 due to illness contracted working in one of the munitions factories in Liverpool. The idea of women working at that time was not a popular one. This poem, reprinted in the book, was first published in a local works magazine in 1944:

There's lipstick on the drinking cups,
There's talcum on the bench,
There's cold cream on the surface plate,
Hand lotion on the wrench,
and 'Soir de Paris' scents the air,
That once held lube oil's smell-
I've just picked up a curling pin,
Believe me - war is hell!


Says it all really.

I had a heap of other things to share today but unfortunately my camera isn't working, but I recently bought this lovely original Bestway pattern

bestway C.268

which surprisingly included a size 40 chest which you don't find that often.
I can't wait to make it, despite the fact that its got 11 pieces! I'm definately going to do a toile first so I can see how close I actually am to pattern.

I was 'made up' to find that the Cath Kidston shops sell off cuts of their dress fabrics so I bought this lovely floral polyester crepe which I think I'm going to use for this dress. I have to admit I'm not 100% sure if its right for it or not. What do you think?

cath kidston fabric close up

Sorry its such a tiny image, its the only one I could get hold off. I'll show the fabric better when my camera's recharged.

Finally, I'm off to Coventry tomorrow to the UK Ravelry Day, where I'll be sharing a stand with the lovely Woolly Wormhead, signing and hopefully selling our books.
We are inside the main hall, so do come and see us if you're at the Ravelry Day event. Woolly is travelling all the way from Italy just to be there!

Another event very close to my heart opens today at the Cornershop in Winchester. There are knitting events going on until the end of June, with exhibits from the university's Knitting Reference Library (my favourite place).

cornershop @ winchester

I would highly recommend a visit, particularly during Knitting in Public Day when Linda Newington, Curator of the knitting reference library, will be there.

Off to start packing.

for now
Ruby xxx