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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knit a Poppy

The official Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal launched a couple of days ago in the UK. Our own Knit a Poppy Appeal has been running for a couple of weeks and is doing really well, but if you haven't yet had a chance to download my knitted poppy pattern here is the link. A donation of £2 is required for the downloads with all proceeds going to the Appeal.


You can knit the poppy just for yourself or you can knit a few, sell them to family, friends or colleagues and donate the money direct to the Poppy Appeal. I would love to know if you have done this so I can estimate how much the poppy pattern has really raised for the Poppy Appeal. We also have started a Poppy Gallery on the knitonthenet blog and I would love to see photos of your poppies so please do send them to ingrid[at]knitonthenet[dot]com and she will share them on the blog.

I'm thrilled to hear that many people in Canada are also knitting the Poppy for Remembrance Day too. I'm honoured that there will be people around the world wearing my little poppy on such a significant day.

for now
Ruby xxx

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Stitch in Time fashion night

The day finally dawned yesterday when our fashion show was to happen at the Cath Kidston store in Liverpool.

The main aim of the evening was to promote knitting and to hopefully get some non-knitters to pick up needles and have a go. The fashion show combined selected garments from A Stitch in Time with those from the latest Cath Kidston clothing range. The Cath Kidston staff laid on tea, cakes and jam sandwiches which went down a treat.



The cakes were all made by the lovely Genevieve, seen posing below in the Diagonal Rib cardigan in royal blue


The show got underway with Lianne very bravely coming out first in The Call of the Sea



The brief for all the models was 'ham it up' and enjoy themselves which they all did fabulously


This is the adorable Yuki in Greet the New Season playing at being a domestic godess.



Lianne following in the domestic vibe using a Cath Kidston handkerchief as a turban - they are the perfect size and shape.

A certain amount of frivolity ensued and the urge to reveal knitted underwear became to much for some people to bear -



This young lady is Meg, who had no fear of the catwalk at all, modelling the Blackberry cardigan


followed by Sunray Ribbing



She shows really well how the garments can be worn in a casual way.


We gave Light and Lovely and Enchanting in Black and white a playful feel with vintage shorts and skirt respectively



Frilly Jumper is modelled by Suzie who looks really elegant here. She's also wearing my great grandmother's polished jet beads and earrings.

Yuki is wearing my daughter's dungarees for a modern take on the Land Girl look. The jacket is a second version of To Set off your summer frocks which I finished sewing up on Monday night! This time I used Pure Castlemilk Moorit with 30% silk from The Natural Fibre Company. The firm texture was perfect for this jacket which needs a lot of body for the sleeves to stand up.



I think this is my favourite look of the night actually.

Next is Michelle looking slightly more demure showing off Made So Quickly rather than her undies!


Not to be outdone Lianne closed the show 'revealing' her Slimline Undies



The store very kindly let me have a table just for the books


I was rather tired by the end of the evening but I did agree to one photo of me in my own Made So Quickly and Cath Kidston Tea Dress - looking slightly relieved that we had got through it all ok.


And finally here's my favourite photo of the night of all the girls together

the girls

Thank you girls for a really enjoyable evening.

for now
Ruby xx

All photographs courtesy of Charlie Moon

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Stitch in Time with Cath Kidston

I am so excited to show you this poster. To see my name on the same page as Cath Kidston - I really can't believe it

Cath Kidston event

If you do fancy popping along to the evening I think places are limited so it is advisable to phone the store to reserve a place. I think the first 20 places get front row seats at the fashion show!

for now,
a very excited
Ruby xx

Edited: Date wrong on poster! Said Weds instead of Tues - corrected poster now uploaded.