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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Focus the mind

I can't get myself to focus on one thing at the moment. I have a sketchbook of ideas but in my head they are all swilling round, merging, changing, morphing. I think its the weather. I sit looking out of my window at BIG sky, really BIG sky, but its been dark, cloudy, windy and wet for days and days. i love looking at the sky but not when its like this - and just like the weather, I'm unsettled. If its possible to have too many ideas, thats where I am. I need to channel just one thought and run with it. Have started writing lists today which is helping, as it always does, and tidying the house, which also always helps.

Before christmas, I put most of my stash in the loft to tidy my study/studio/dining room and its all still up there. I need to see it and touch it to help me make decisions, but... everywhere will be untidy again.

But I think I know where I'm going to start - will have to buy more yarn though, surprise, surprise. Will let you know more about it shortly.

for now
Ruby x

1 comment :

crissy said...

i know what you mean but havent seen anything of you in ages now. soooo what sketch won out?
what are you knitting now? and have you joined get stitchy yet ?
there doing a green hat along this month you still have time to jump in ya know :)
my blog is located at
anyway thought i would come on in and say hi was wonderring about you and where you ran off to with all your ideas :)
hugs and love and tons of prayers from me crissy in alaska