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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Glad to be back

I seem to have been away from blogging for ages - which it is - I haven't been idle. Been doing quite a bit of designing that I can't show yet and thats really hard. My camera is actually in for repair which hasnt helped.

Anyway have completed a skirt design for which is knitted in the round from the top down to help you check for fit which I'm very pleased with. Have some embroidery left to do on it but can't say anymore.

I have some wonderful 1930's/1940's dressmaking patterns that I'm about to try and adapt to my slightly (!) larger frame and when I have my also broken scanner fixed in the next day or two I'll put some of the original images up.

My other big news in the last week is that my 'paper bag' is definately in Spring Knitty. I'm so excited. Can't wait to reveal that one. The photos we took are gorgeous.

I also have some lovely new fabric which I tried to put on top of my 7ft bookshelves the other day. The bookshelves meet in the corner of a room BUT there is a gap - and the bag of fabric missed both bookshelves and slid right down the gap to the floor inbetween. And there it lies for now until I figure out how to get it out without taking all the books off the shelves. When its free I will photograph it and add it to the blog.

for today, but back very soon this time

1 comment :

crissy said...

glad to see you back cant wait to see your design work eventually.
i have been busy with the green hat along and behaving one of hte grands gave me a wonderrful valentines gift i seem to have to take advantage of and enjoy LOL its a slight head cold. so rented a pile of movies and am busy working on knitting more green hats. and more green hats. i think i have 4 left to knit and then i will have the family covered. for st pats day. needless to say i am totally enjoying knitting and glad for the excuse to stay in bed and do so LOL am i nuts or what ?
hugs and love and tons of prayers from me crissy in alaska