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Friday, March 16, 2007

must really be Friday 13th not 16th

What a day. There are some days which don't go right aren't there? A horrible customer in my day job shouted at me today in a very very nasty and unnecessary way. There are some very unpleasant people out there. And...
both my wrist and my shoulder were dislocated and my sports therapist had to shove them back in! And it really hurts now and I couldn't knit yesterday or today as a result. Boo Hoo!

On a much happier note I have chatted with both my upstream and downstream secret pals and they are both lovely. Who needs the real world?

Tomorrow I am going to knit no matter what and I have been told some of my new patterns will be out in the next issue of knitonthenet in the next week.

I have some embroidery to do tomorrow aswell and I'll try and post a pic of some of it over the weekend.

for now

Ruby x


crissy said...

oh oh i am so sorry to hear about your dislocations. an di hope your feeling tons better. congrats on the patterns too. cant wait to see those also. the purse one is really wonderful. :) take care and heal fast :)

Bobbi said...

How are you doing now, a week later, from your dislocations?