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Monday, March 26, 2007

So much better now

Thank goodness my shoulder and my wrist are now both back where they belong. They are aching a bit but much much better. Was able to knit over the weekend and did lots of sewing up. I didn't get any embroidery done, but when I looked at the project which I was going to put it on I realised it really didn't need it. Now I've got to get some patterns typed up. It seems to be the computer which gives me the biggest problems so I'm trying to make sure I sit straight and my feet are both on the ground and use the mouse as little as possible.

I've decided to do some design work based on themes, to give my designs a coherency and a common thread. I live near a typical english seaside town, so for summer I'm going to think about the seaside, fairgrounds, sunshine, and what they mean to me. I'm going to dig out some of my childhood holiday photos which I'll post later in the week, then for autumn I'm going to focus on my friend's black andalucian stallion and what I would want to wear to ride him and also my brother in law's barn that he's slowly converting and the countryside around it.

On a completely different note I've just got back from a comedy night at my daughter's school. 12 really brave youngsters have been learning how to write and deliver stand up and all got up and did their routines in front of us, the audience. Wow, they were fantastic! So brave and so funny. A couple of times I was crying with laughter. Back to the maths and the patterns now,

for now,
Ruby x

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Natalie said...

Glad you are feeling better!