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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Normal transmission resumed!

Whilst on my holidays I was working on the Textured Tunic with side buttons by Stephanie Japel ( in her fitted knits book)as shown below.

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and I have almost completed it twice and have frogged twice and have come to the conclusion that it just doesn't suit me.

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I love the colour and the yarn but there are certain factors that just aren't right for my body shape.

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The textured panel sits right across my ample bosom and to be honest just makes me look chunky not shapely, despite the fit being perfect. Also the length is at just the wrong place for me. The tunic style of the garment takes the front under my tummy and then sort of goes in underneath exaggerating my tummy and then sits on the top of my thighs and won't lie flat. I've tried different lengths but its just not working. I must admit I don't like the large moss stitch insert on the sides of the garment for the buttons they just widen the hip and bottom area. So I've played and messed, and reknitted but to no avail. The textured panel needs to go, the length and fit needs to change and I don't like the curly stocking stitch on the neck. So what to do. I was sitting outside a cafe and saw the back of a very simply shaped sweater with a nice stitch detail and thought that would look very nice in my yarn. I took a photo on my daughter's mobile phone but unfortunately it is still locked since she lost it so I will draw some sketches for my next posting.

I also managed to complete my second sock

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The pattern needs a little tweaking to fit me perfectly, the heel is too long and the foot a little wide, but they are so comfortable and I have been wearing them constantly around the house.

In addition I finished off a very special garment for the republication of 'A Stitch in Time'. I can only show a little bit of it but it is just beautiful. It used Blue Sky Silk and Alpaca yarn which is the most wonderful of yarns. I've just got to write up differences to the original pattern

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The completed garment will be revealed at Stitch 'n Bitch UK in November.

Also for 'A Stitch in Time' I'm working on this one, using Habu "kusaki zome" naturally dyed silk.

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Again, it will be revealed at the Stitch 'n Bitch show. Really enjoying doing this one. Its quite a challenge getting the garments to fit todays woman without changing the styling or fit of the original garments but fascinating.

And finally, I did also take Fifi with me to start but just didn't get there. I think that it will have to go on the back burner for now.

for now

Ruby xx


Gudrun Johnston said...

Interesting how different things look on different body shapes..but also frustrating when it doesn't look how you envisioned after working on it so much!
Love the little tasters of your other projects!

Secret Pal said...

...says hi :) I'm sorry I wasn't in touch with you on the 1st, my studies began again and it's been busy, so September kinda got started without me even noticing it. Autumn has come, and where I live it is already scarf-and-mittens cold! Nevertheless I'll be sending you some warm thoughts :)

Kim said...

So sorry about the Fitted Tunic --- it's a lovely pattern, and the yarn you chose is beautiful. Better luck next time?

Robin said...

I had to reknit the bottom section a few times to modify the Textured Tunic before I got it right for my body type. It is OK on the top without modifications (except the sleeves, I had to widen the top of them and then narrow them instead of the reverse) but the bottom was a challenge being short-waisted. I finally settled on eliminating the buttons, making the front the same as the back, and doing more increases, and more frequently to get the hips to hit me in the right spot. Plus I shortened it significantly overall (at least 4".) It hits me right at the top of my thigh now and seems to look good.