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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

quick, quick blog

Its not often my blogging is so thin on the ground. I can't believe its nearly a week since I blogged. Home is in chaos with drilling and hammering and grinding and dust and dirt everywhere. Yes, the builders are here, doing a very good job but making life quite difficult. I haven't managed to take any photos of on going projects yet but will try today - two windows are coming out today and plaster board and stuff being removed from round the windows - black dust to follow apparently - so I'm not making any promises.

I also wasted SIX whole hours yesterday searching for my husband's passport. SIX hours and where did I find it eventually - in my handbag. I'm relieved I found it but so annoyed at myself for wasting so much time.

The first meeting of TLC (teens love craft) went very well, with the two non knitters going away able to garter stitch. They also apparently took their knitting into school the next day and knitted at every opportunity. Fantastic. I'm so proud of them. Next meeting tomorrow evening.

I have started Phyllo yoked pullover from Knitting Nature with the Rowan Calmer that I had bought for Fifi.

There's not a lot to show yet as it is stocking stitch up to the yoke, but that was the plan as I really need something I didn't need to think about too hard. My beautiful Habu project for Stitch in Time is progressing nicely. The body should be finished in the next day or two and then some exciting finishing touches involving Habu stainless steel - can't say any more.

Also I am getting my SP11 parcel ready today. Lots of lovely goodies for her.

Hopefully, photos etc to follow later, if I can find somewhere to go.

for now
Ruby x

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Robin said...

I love Calmer and I think it will be beautiful for the Phyllo pullover! It can be so stressful when your home is under construction - I know the feeling!