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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where do I start?

I find writing the first post when I haven't blogged for a while very difficult as there is so much to talk about and you feel that you are going to be bombarding people with a three page long blog. So I thought the best thing to do today would be to say hello again, and then do a few posts over the next week or two bringing everything up to date.

The main reason its taken me this long to get back in the saddle is that once A Stitch in Time came out I got the worst cold/flu I have had in many a year and although I kept going, inbetween doing what I had to do I was exhausted and felt awful. I must apologise aswell if I've missed any emails or comments during this time, but I'll try and get everything up to date now. Also my scanner broke which severely restricts my blogging.

But really I should just use this first post to celebrate. A Stitch In Time is published, looks beautiful and is selling really well. It can be bought directly from the knitonthenet shop or other retail oulets including yarn stores. It has taken up two years of my life and in the last few months has become all consuming, with little time for anything else, but looking at it now it was worth it. It is the culmination of a 20 year obsession with knitting, all things vintage and fashion and I am really proud of it and of what has been accomplished.

I'll leave you with some of my favourite images from the book:

Have you made a jumper yet? from 1921 using Habu Kuzaki Zome silk

have you made a jumper yet

The model is the beautiful Miss Miranda

With the new cowl neckline from 1932 again using Habu

cowl neckline

You might recognise this model from the book cover or from the cover of knitonthenet. This is my lovely friend Theo.

Concentrate on the Sleeves from 1934 using Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool

concentrate on the sleeves

And this is the fabulous Fleur De Guerre.

for now
Ruby xxx


Gudrun Johnston said...

Fantastic shots from the book...garments and models look amazing!

helene magnusson said...

Hope you´re feeling better, the shots are amazing !

Lin said...

Ruby, nice to read about what you have been doing. The book looks fabulous and I love the photos.

jsdknits said...

The enticing photos speak well of "A Stitch in Time." I'm especially intrigued with the use of Habu fibers.

VicJoRob said...

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Got my book in the mail today. Just fantastic. My nieces already have staked out a couple of items for me to make. Did not realize you were the Susan Crawford of the book.