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Thursday, December 18, 2008

a little blogging goes a long way

I have decided that rather than leaving lots of stuff to pile up and then having to do big long blogs that take ages I'm going to TRY and blog more frequently. Certainly between now and christmas I have a few posts to get through.

The good news is that in the last ten minutes I have finally got a working scanner. Its also better quality than any scanner I've had before which hopefully means it won't break with as alarming regularity as all the others.

I've started planning 2009 and have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to be seriously organised if I am going to achieve the targets I have set myself - I'll share some of these plans with you in the new year - but in the short term, once the christmas festivities are over, we're going to go over to Paris for a few days on a vintage button and ribbon hunt (hubbie and daughter don't know that's why we're going yet, that's on a need to know basis) and also to find more of these

peit mode september 1934

This is the back cover illustration from the french magazine Le Petit Echo de la Mode and shows dressmaking patterns available. Can you imagine being able to get patterns as beautiful as these? This particular issue is from 30 September 1934 and instructs the parisian women on how to make their own high fashion clothes and also how to customize their existing wardrobe as well as featuring some fabulous adverts such as this one

petit mode advert

which roughly says that "Ondulux" in a few moments, simply by placing it on your head like a bonnet, will give your hair the exact waves that you want. Do you think it would work?

for now
Ruby xxx


Lin said...

Paris button hunting sounds fabulous! Can't wait to see what you get.

Lauren Hairston said...

I'm jealous! I wish I had thought to look for great vintage finds while I was in Paris. Although, my suitcase was already 25 pounds over the weight limit when we came back. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't buy more!

I hated to hear about someone stealing your designs. What is wrong with people?!

Unraveling Sophia said...

Now that I know you like these vintage Paris magazines, I'll keep my eyes open. I see them pretty frequently in the antique shops over here. I've never picked them up because, sadly in this instance, I learned Latin in school instead of French! From now on, if I see one and it's reasonable, it's yours! But I should add that with most of these magazines the patterns were removed and presumably used long ago. The beautiful design illustrations are still intact though!

emilyash79 said...

So, even more interesting (at least to me), is that the title of the French magazine translates to "A Little Echo of the World." It's so French to say that it's a little echo of the world. They don't really go for superlatives... And the name "Ondulux" is a play on the words "rolling" and "luxurious," so the advertiser is trying to get people to buy things by intimating that you'll have wavy, luxurious, hair.