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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before and After

The ongoing internet router dilemma forced a huge move round, sort out, re-organise of rooms in the house and has left me with my computer still in the kitchen now on its own little table for now, BUT with a lovely work room/studio. I thought it would be best to show you the transition visually, beginning naturally with before...

before 1

before 2

before 3

before 4

And after...

after 1

somewhere comfortable and relaxing to sit

after 2

a work table with space on it to work

after 3

after 4

after 5

shelves of inspiration

after 6

Ruby nana's sewing machine, still in working order

after 7

An early 1960s LBD,

after 8

The original 1930s fireplace newly opened up.

So now you know what exciting stuff I've been up to for the last couple of weeks! However a new sense of calm and purpose is beginning to surface from my post new year blues, all that sorting has done me good. I will leave you with this photo that I found on my camera, taken on January 2nd when the piglets where only 2 days old.


You can just see this little chappie waking up his mum by butting her in the snout! whilst the others sleep under their heat lamp.

for now
Ruby xx


Anonymous said...

Your new room looks gorgeous, but you don't show what you did with all those boxes of yarn... :-)

I recognise some of the books on your shelf, I have some that were my mother's, genuine WWII purchases!

Enjoy your new room. Are the pigs yours?

Anonymous said...

...and p.s. I expect you know the yesterknits website but I'll give a link here in case others might not. Wonderful old patterns!


Anushka said...

Wow, the change is so marked!
Your studio looks dreamy, I love all of the details and decor that you have. One day I'll have such a room...haha!
I hope you're feeling better now...

Lin said...

What a lovely little room, that fireplace was in our front room until husband ripped it out for the woodburner. I was wondering if it was the original one. We have a similar one in the backroom though so I won't fret! Oh and a mini version in the bedroom.
P.s: My husband is suggesting that you should try a Netgear (dg834g) wifi router. We have just put it in and can get a signal even up in the loft.

tea and cake said...

You inspre me! I am just in the middle-muddle of sorting out my own workspace - and was feeling as though it will never get done! Now, I can see the end of the tunnel, thank you.

Lauren Hairston said...

I love organizing...especially when someone else is doing all the work! Love the piglets. Absolutely too too cute.