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Thursday, February 19, 2009


you were to ask me details about what I have been doing the last two weeks since I last blogged I would be hard pressed to tell you. Except to say I have been busy, very busy. Knitting for knitonthenet, sewing for me, catching up on all sorts of things in the house and accounts (yuck), pattern writing, tech editing, answering emails etc., and the two weeks have just disappeared. For the last two days I have been writing almost constantly, preparing for a talk I'm giving. I have, however, been continuing to go through my patterns, making bigger and bigger piles for each decade right up to 1959, which is where I came across these little beauties. The answer to that perennial question at this time of year "Do I really need boots on, but its too cold for shoes?"

The answer is "No you don't need boots, you need Spats!"


This pattern is in a Stitchcraft from 1959 and is in a fashion supplement direct from Paris. The spats go over the shoe and are held with elastic under the sole. I will share the full pattern if you really want me to when I return in a few days after my talk, a visit to the Knitting Resource Library at Winchester School of Art and a trip to see my lovely uncle Tom who is unfortunately very poorly.

See you all in a few days,

for now
Ruby xxx

Edit: I have just found out I will be making a pair of these for my daughter when I get back, so if anyone would like to join me in a SPATKAL do let me know.


Susan said...

Hi Ruby,

I'd be interested in this pattern and would do a KAL with you. :)


Anushka said...

how funny are those spats! i've only really seen them in leather or fabric before.
have a good trip!

Hannah said...

I would love to have a go at this pattern too. Please post, KAL sounds fun

Myapup said...

Hi, I really fancy a try at this pattern too, let me know when you start.


Lisette said...

I adore these Parisian spats!

My fingers are crossed you will share the pattern or design your own version for us!