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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little post

I'm not very good at blogging when life is troublesome or getting me down as these things aren't what my blog is about, and when I am wrapped up in lots and lots of work and decisions and problems and stress, all of which depress me, I just find it impossible. Also, its not what I want to write about. My blog, for me, is about creativity and fashion and inspiration and I don't want to fill it with my depressed ramblings. So I'm not going to burden and bore you all with what life is throwing at us at the moment, but just apologise if service is occasionally interrupted for a while.

There are good things to talk about which I will work through over the next few weeks:

I'm are featured in April's Prima magazine talking about vintage clothes. There is a gorgeous full page photo of me and Charlie which I've asked for permission to use but haven't heard back yet. This is the photoshoot that was being done several weeks ago.
I can't get over how lovely the photo is. I normally hate any photo of me and far prefer to be taking them.

should be online this week and its looking fantastic. I'm getting more and more into 'fashion' (clothing, basically) photography and am learning how to use studio lighting a bit more with each session. I'm quite surprised how much I like studio work (I say studio, I mean the house extension) as I always thought I preferred natural shots, but I have found I like the control over the conditions that studio and lights give you.

The Celia gloves pattern will finally be ready and in this issue, along with two other of my designs.

The Galliano pattern is nearly finished. All the pieces are knitted (photos to follow soon). However, I am going to knit it again as we have had to basically rewrite the pattern. Another lady has also been knitting the sweater and I will compare our patterns and then write a final version. If anyone wants to have a go at this once I'm at that stage I'll prepare it as a proper pattern. It will still be a WIP I am sure and open to change and suggestions.

I will get the spats pattern written up and put on the blog once I come back from London. I will be working at the Stitch and Craft show in Olympia from Wednesday to Sunday next week so probably no blogging! There will be lots of friendly faces there. The lovely Theo is working on Sunday, my friends Larissa, Lazykate and Biggan will be popping in and the lovely Jane Waller will be there from Thursday through to Sunday too. It will be a hard working show but I'm looking forward to spending time with so many friends. Theo and I have lots of out of hours plans too, and hope to get to I Knit on the Thursday night. (If you are interested in coming to the Stitch and Craft show, there will be a draw on knitonthenet to win free tickets).

Speak very soon,

love Ruby xxx


susan said...

Just read your post and it feels so familar to me :) Lots of things are happening to me too, but it's so hard to express that on a blog. I use the blog to advertise for my business, so I don't want to tell people that things are stressful in life. and it's not all bad, some really exciting stuff is going on, but that can still be stressful. :) HOpe your stress going away in brillant ways! :)

Gudrun Johnston said...

I find that balance difficult sometimes too and like you prefer to keep the blog free of too much domestics.....but please know that many of us do care beyond what you're designing/knitting.... even if we've never met you!
Look forward to the new knitonthenet and to seeing the article and photo of you on the vintage clothing!
Thinking positive calm thoughts for you!

Karen said...

I just did your Celia Lace Scarf pattern and I HAD to tell you how much I enjoyed doing that pattern!

About half way through the pattern, I had developed a horrible cold. I had just taken my night time dose of Niquil and figured I'd knit until I got tired. Now I know that the fever played a part in this, but I swear that my grandmother (she died when I was 4) was looking over my shoulder and telling me that the pattern looked good.

Even though this was a clear dillusion, it meant something and I had to tell you that your pattern meant something special for me. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,

Unraveling Sophia said...

I'm sorry that life has been a bit troublesome for you lately! I hope that Spring will come soon and bring happy times. :) I love your blg, no matter what you write about - so just keep posting, please! Now... over to knitonthenet to see what is new over there.... *hugs*