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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the Girls

There have been a number of reasons why my blogging is somewhat erratic at the moment and hopefully these will gradually sort themselves out, however, a very positive reason why I didn't blog over the Easter holidays was the arrival of these four lovely ladies.





Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

& Betty


They are 19 weeks old and in three days we have already had three eggs. They have settled in wonderfully and are completely captivating and have absorbed me totally over the long weekend taking my mind off more worrying matters. Dolly and Peggy Sue are like peas in a pod and follow each other round. Dolly actually has more black feathers in her tail than Peggy Sue so you can tell the difference. Gertie is the oldest and has already got her comb, but the other three aren't far behind. She's definately the boss but the others are getting more confident each day.

I will be back in a couple of days with a 1940s evening dress - finished, Two garments out of Stitch in Time - finished, Galliano sweater - sewing up in progress, Mary Quant original 1960s sweater dress - sewing up in progress.

Take care everyone,
speak very soon,
for now
Ruby xxx


Katrina said...

Gotta love chickens! :P
Can't wait to see more projects and patterns... big fan of your stuff...

Unraveling Sophia said...

I love your chickens! I've always wanted to have some myself, but I love in the city and its not allowed. So great to see your idyllic setting!

PS - we're loving having copies of Stitch in Time in our local yarn store! It's been so popular - I think there's only one copy left!

Lin said...

I love the chickens, what a fab idea! I really can't wait to see th evening dress, don't be gone too long!

helene magnusson said...

Have you ever thought of knitting a jumper for those girls ? I´m not kidding : have a look at the link

Lauren Hairston said...

How exciting! I love the chickens' names, as well. Can't wait for the finished objects.