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Friday, May 15, 2009

Lets start again

What I find much harder than starting to blog in the first place is re-blogging after an unexplained absence. Do you just launch into FOs and WIPs? Or do you give some sort of explanation? Well going through my blog over the last few months I seem to keep giving explanations and then NOT really getting an awful lot further. I feel for the purposes of some sort of consistency to my blog I need to tidy things up and then start again. All clean and tidy.

Life has been and still is, very complicated for a whole number of reasons. Emotionally and physically exhausting to be honest, with little or no time left over whatsoever. The reasons are too complicated and varied, some involving business which can't be aired on a blog anyway, so I'm not going to go into them all. These myriad issues unfortunately impact on my ability to always blog regularly and this gets me really cross. These things are also interfering with my chosen path generally so over the last month, plans (many, many plans) have begun to change my life dramatically. So can I ask all you lovely readers to bear with me, not desert me completely for more exciting blogs, whilst these changes take place. There is still a long way to go and there will still be restrictions on my time, for some time, but I know its all going to be worth it in the end.

There are lots of exciting things afoot which I will get round to sharing. One is an interview I did yesterday with the lovely Brenda Dayne of Cast on. Its for the next episode which isn't live yet, but as soon as it is I will post the link. She was so, so nice on the phone yesterday. I'm rubbish at phone interviews and always think I sound really boring, but she was very positive and extremely gracious, and as a result I look forward to hearing it.

Another is work on A Stitch in Time, Volume II, is most definately underway and I will be sharing more news about that soon.

I'm also managing to do a little twittering and you can find me here

Believe it or not, there are WIPs, FOs and patterns to share too, and they will all follow soon.

lots of love
for now
Ruby xxx


Jill said...

One of the problems of running a blog is that it puts you under a certain pressure to produce the goods! Don't worry, Ruby, just do what you can, we'll keep on checking for news whenever you can post! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It's really good to hear from your end! As always, there's no need to apologise or stress about not blogging. I feel as if I should have sent you an e-mail by now anyway. I hope you're keeping well, despite everything. And I'm thinking of you still.
Anushka xo

farmor ankus said...

Hi i have see yor blogg and the ather website for patters, and so happy i got for dis site, I hop you soon are your self and fine happines in life.
i will see yor patters so mutch they are so fine.

i hope you have a nice weekend

helene magnusson said...

You are so human and generous, that is what make your blog so addictive. So who cares how often you post !

Gudrun Johnston said...

I'll be here.....awaiting more of your news! Very exciting about a second volume of A Stitch In Time!

AmyPinSeattle said...

I've broken my knitting blogs that I follow into 3 groups - absolutely must reads no matter what, read quickly so I can stay on top of them, and the final group is my when I have time to get to them!

You are in my first every time you post, I always catch the updates!

I understand about life getting in the way...I'll be here when you get back to us!

Lin said...

I'll be here Ruby, don't worry, just take care. x