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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pioneer Laundry Mystery Pattern

Folded up inside an old knitting book I found two sheets of paper from the Pioneer Laundry -

I don't know where the Pioneer Laundry was but as can be seen they are the van salesman's summary sheets of work taken in, given back and money taken - all in pounds, shillings and pence (d) - so pre-decimal. On the back of the two sheets is typed a knitting pattern. It is stated as using 'extra double knitting wool' using old UK 4 and 6 needles which interestingly are 5 and 6 mm needles respectively. There are no finished work measurements or pictures given so it is very much a mystery knitting project. Here are the two pages of the pattern below:

I have yet to attempt knitting this pattern, but if anyone would really like to give it a try email me and I can send you a better quality pdf version of the pattern. I would really love to see what this pattern could look like. There is the odd mistake that I've spotted in the typing but I think thats part of the fun of solving the mystery by also sorting out the mistakes. There are also no sewing up instructions and no tension quoted! It does say it is to fit sizes 36 and 38 inches so gives us a bit of a clue as to likely finished dimensions. Maybe this could be the first of many mystery knitting patterns that we can all solve. I have been sent another far more complicated mystery pattern that maybe we could move on to if any one finds these things as interesting as I do!

I would also love to hear from anyone who has other examples of patterns like this, typed or handwritten, with no real explanation of the project to be undertaken. They would fit quite nicely with a major project I am starting on in the new year but I will tell you about that nearer the time.

for now
Ruby xxx


Anonymous said...

Judging from the number of stitches, it must be either very thick or very small! We are really spoon-fed these days with our patterns, aren't we?

claire montgomerie said...

oooo, intriguing! I would love to try this - it would be like knitting with a variegated yarn - not knowing what is coming next and having a lovely surprise at how it turns out. I also have lots of mystery patterns like yours - mainly from old knitting books. I will try to dig them out for you, would love to hear about the mystery project. x

Trisha said...

This is a very intriguing project and I'd love to try it out! I smell a knit-a-long.... I'd love the pdf!

The binge knitter said...

What a lovely surprise for you. I love mysteries and obviously went to rummage through my 'old' pattern collection; no, I didn't find the exact one the one with a similar needle size and stitch counts. It gives you 4.5sts per inch and you get 34-36 and 36-38 inch bust. And another pattern that with a 4sts per inch gives you a 36 inch finished chest circumference. I'd love to see what it comes out like!

betty said...

From reading the pattern, it looks like it's a simple raglan sleeved cardi, where the bottom 3.5" is a ribbing, and the rest of the body is a broken rib. If you do 4 stitches/inch, with 72 stitches for the back, you'll get 18" for the back, or 36" at the bottom.

Linda said...

How interesting! I have knitted a beret from a vintage pattern with no picture before and it turned out small but nice!

Josee said...

I would love to try this out myself... maybe after Christmas! Sounds like fun :)

helene magnusson said...

I have such a project: a lace knitted dress. I PM you about it.