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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vintage Gifts Part I

Its been a busy couple of weeks first coming up to the publication of Vintage Gifts to Knit and then in the week following. I felt it would be easiest to break it all up into separate blog posts although they all link together. So first of all, let me introduce you to all the projects in the book:

Vintage Gifts to Knit,Susan Crawford

There are projects to knit for women, men, children and the home, for yourself or for gifts.
There are a wide range of sizes available with the women's garments ranging from 30-54 inch chest. I'll talk in a bit more detail about the different patterns, inspiration and construction over the next few weeks. You can also view more images from the book on my flickr page (not yet finished but expanding)

I am delighted with the book as I have said before, but particularly with how it has captured the essence of some of my biggest inspirations, Stitchcraft and Needlework Illustrated, which I will talk about more next week.

The book can be purchased in print form for £14 or as an e-book for £10 and each of the patterns can be purchased individually as a pdf download at £3 each. All the different formats can be purchased from the knitonthenet shop, here on the blog** or the downloadable formats can also be purchased through ravelry.

** I'm working hard on the just call me ruby website so that it will be easier to purchase directly from here but website design isn't exactly my speciality so it is taking a while!

I'm delighted that I can also offer a full wholesale package for the book and the patterns which you can find out more about either by contacting wholesale[at]arbourhousepublishing[dot]com or by emailing me directly on the usual email. Review copies are also available via Arbour House or me.

Finally, for this post, I am working with two or three yarn stores in the UK on events instore during the latter half of this year to promote the books and patterns. If you are interested in holding an event do get in touch on my email. On the new website there will also be an events page which will give details of whats happening.

Tomorrow's blog post will be all about last week's tea party and a 135 year old department store.

but for now
Ruby xx


Myricas Farmor said...

Tank you so mutch for the fine knitting book.
I love the old patters.
Have you any old sewing patters.

Have a nice dag

Just call me Ruby said...

Vintage inspired sewing patterns is on the list for the very near future :)

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