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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The next stage - signing!

Once we had received all the books the next step before they could be packaged up for sending out was signing. So it began

all calm and collected. Every book carefully signed with a message

And so the books began to pile up!

and up!

and up!

 and up!
 and up!

 Until finally the last book was signed

I was kept going by the thought of a roast dinner to follow after I had completed all the signings but unfortunately one or two purchasers almost received books with the charming message

"Best wishes, yorkshire puddings and gravy"

but they were spotted before it was too late!

but for now, 2 dislocated wrists, 1 dislocated thumb, 1 twisted shoulder and a raised collar bone later, the signings are complete :-)

Ruby xxx

(all images Copyright Gavin Crawford 2011)


Anonymous said...

What an effort! That's a very nice cardigan you're wearing, did you knit it?

Just call me Ruby said...

I must remember to leave wardrobe notes at the end of blog posts ;-)

Actually the cardigan is a second hand genuine shetland cardigan, hand finished by Andersons of Lerwick I think, but its been going rather a long time and I love it.

Woolly said...

A signing of "Best wishes, yorkshire puddings and gravy" would be my favourite :)

Kitty Kitty said...

Actually I would have loved my copy to say best wishes Yorkshire pudding and gravy!!!! That is just way to awesome!!!!

Donna said...

I know I will love whatever signing I receive, and I applaud your heroic efforts!

Ines said...

Oh my! I cannot wait to receive my copy. I will be thinking of you and all the effort and work that went in this book! Congratulations!
I love part 1, but from the previews I have seen, this book must even be better...

Unknown said...


meredith said...

If my copy says anything about yorkshire pudding & gravy, I'll laugh and enjoy it all the more! :)

Tasha said...

Your Shetland cardigan is beautiful!

Wow, that is quite some feat to sign all of those. Well now we'll all know the effort and strains that went into it! ;)

zilredloh said...

Oh my! That's a ton of books to sign! I hope you are able to rest your poor hand for a while, so it can recuperate.
Thanks so much for all your effort! Like everyone else I would have loved to recieve the random book that says "Best wishes, yorkshire puddings and gravy". It's too funny. :)

Shearer's Girl said...

Good grief! What dedication. Thank you, I will keep an eye on the post.