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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nicky Epstein's Book Winner

Phew, I've been rushing from one end of the British Isles to the other over the last couple of weeks and have lots and lots to share on the blog, but first of all, without further ado, the winner of Nicky Epstein's Knitted Circles book is Taloferia. Congratulations! I used a random number generator which picked comment number 8 as the winner. Taloferia had this to say about which era she feels is the golden age of knitting:

"Wow, the cover of that book is so beautiful!
Like others, my immediate answer, even before reading Nicky's, was 'now'. I could make an argument for other eras as well (particularly ones in which knitting was taught in school). But we have such access to materials, patterns, and tutorials now that I have to say this present time is a really great one to be a knitter."

It was fascinating to read all your responses to the question asked. I think we are very lucky to live in an age when not only has knitting found its way back out of the doldrums it found itself in not so very long ago but also that with the help of the internet we now have access to such a wealth of material, designs, inspiration, history and resources alongside a truly global community. Long may it continue!

Taloferia, I will check if you have left an email to be contacted on, and be in touch for your name and address so that the book can be despatched. If you didn't leave your email, could you email me at susan (at) susancrawfordvintage [dot] com with your details.

 I will be back very very soon,

but for now
Ruby xx

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