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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Limited Edition Excelana Colours are now available!

Some of you may have already heard me excitedly shouting about this on Twitter, but the three fabulous colours of Excelana 4 ply that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago are now available to purchase.  The yarns have all been wound into 50g skeins in the garden studio, wrapped in their special skein bands and are waiting to meet their new owners!

The yarns can be purchased from my new look online shop! This has been a long time coming I know, but the shop is now Its not yet perfect but its a lot better than before! If you already have a knitonthenet shop account you can still log in with the same details but at long last the styling is all beginning to match.

My website is also getting an overhaul and within a few days the shop and website should be flowing 'seamlessly' together with far less duplication and variation.

A lovely retailer of my books and yarns based in Sweden, sent me this wonderful image from a Swedish childrens story called " Tant Brun, Tant Grön och Tant Gredelin" or "Aunt Brown,  Aunt Green and Aunt Lavender" by Elsa Beskow.

I could pretend that I had carefully matched my colours to the illustrations from the story but it has happened quite by chance, although I am a lover of the books and was thrilled when the subliminal inspiration was pointed out to me. The story book was first published in 1918 and you can still get hold of english language versions as well as the original Swedish. Her books are published in the UK by Floris Books.

Elsa Beskow was an author and illustrator born in Stockholm in 1874 and published her first book, Tale of the Little Old Woman in 1897. During her lifetime she had 40 books published. Her love of fairy tales throughout her life is very close to my own heart and her illustrations and in particular the colours that she uses are a constant source of inspiration. You can read more about Elsa and purchase her books on the Floris website.

Anyhow, back to the yarns! Although they have only been for sale for a couple of days they are selling very quickly and I unfortunately do only have a limited supply so please click on the links below if you would like to purchase.

Each 50g skein retails at £6.60 including VAT (If you are entitled to VAT deduction, the shop will automatically take the VAT off before you go through checkout).

 I'm off to read about Aunt Brown's birthday and do some knitting!

so for now,
Ruby xx

1 comment :

Maja said...

Hi again, Susan!

I´m so glad that you new about Elsa B. and the story - and that I could point out the similarity in the colours to you! Isn´t it amazing that the colours matched the aunts so perfectly?!

So now everyone can figure out who of the aunts they want to be:) And then you can make your own "aunt-cardigan". Aunt Brown = Motherly figure that spends most of her time in the kitchen, baking and cooking and taking care of the foster children. Aunt Green = Handy, loves to work in the garden and she´s also a good carpenter. Aunt Lavender = A pale beauty that spends most of her time sewing and reading.

What pattern from your books, would you use if you wanted to knit an "Aunt-cardigan", Susan? Maybe it would be nice with a peplum waist...?