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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Perfectly Flawed

I have to admit I have been impatiently waiting for the moment when I could share this teaser of the film my very talented daughter, Charlie Moon, is making for me about The Vintage Shetland Project. The title relates to a section in the book which explains in more detail why I chose the pieces that are featured in the book. These two words alone say so much and for me, sum up the choices I made.

'Perfectly Flawed' offers a glimpse behind the scenes during photoshoots which took place both at the Shetland Museum Archives and on the Island of Vaila. Best of all, it shows some of the garments - and original museum pieces - included in the book. It is a beautifully and carefully shot film. Charlie has an incredible eye for detail and for the shot that other people just don't see which you can really appreciate in this film. The weather was typical of Shetland in late autumn and we were all battling with fierce winds whipping in off the Atlantic but the light, and, as a result, the colours, are breath-taking.

As I've already mentioned, this is just a preview of a longer film that Charlie is working on which will be screened for the first time at Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday 19th March, immediately after a talk I am presenting all about the Project. The talk and screening take place from 2.30pm and are followed by a Q & A and a chance to have a close look at the pieces from the book. Tickets for the talk and the film screening cost £10 from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival website here.

 If you have already purchased The Vintage Shetland Project you can attend the exhibition after the screening free of charge. Likewise if you wish to purchase a book at the event but can't attend the talk you are very welcome to come along to the exhibition afterwards too. I won't be having a stand at Edinburgh this year due to work pressures so this will be my only 'official' port of call for the whole show. I will have helpers available during the exhibition who can take yarn orders which we can send out once I return home but I won't have yarn with me this time. That does mean I will be out and about enjoying the Festival on Friday which I am so looking forward to. You can see more about the event itself here.

 And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado may I present to you for your delectation and delight, 'Perfectly Flawed' by Charlie Moon, featuring Ella Gordon, Ria Moncrieff, Denis Brice, Gavin Crawford and the back of my head! Music by Kathryn Tickell - a piece called Earth and Sky recorded in 2009.

PerfectlyFlawedIntro from Susan Crawford Vintage on Vimeo.

You can of course, still pre order copies of The Vintage Shetland Project from my online shop. and thereby be one of the first people to get your hands on a copy of this very special book.

for now,
Susan xx

Copyright Susan Crawford 2016. Music Copyright Kathryn Tickell 2009.


Evie said...

I'm more and more excited for this book all of the time! (I hope you're feeling a bit better!)

JoAnn said...

Lovely. Just lovely - and the music is perfect!

katherine said...

Awesome, looking forward to the movie and the book even more. Beautiful music!

Maria (viola33) said...

I always read your blog but rarely write comments. This time I just can't keep leaving a comment on the movie, it is sooooo very beautiful, unbelievable, I am enchanted. And all the ladies models are real English roses, so beautiful too.

Alicja said...

Great film Susan! Warm regards from PoznaƄ :)

Lori ann said...

Sooo amazing Susan, I'm so excited for your book.

Jane Dale said...

Have lost count how many times I have watched this beautiful short film with its haunting music. Just love all the knitted items shown and I know the book is going to be special. Have enjoyed all the Instagram pics too - thank you for sharing with us. Hope you are feeling a bit better this week Susan, look after yourself.
Kind regards Jane