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Monday, December 17, 2007

I did a bad thing...

Did I make my list of WIPs and UFOs to work on before I started on anything else?
Like I promised? Did I?


Instead whilst christmas shopping on Saturday my LYS lured me in and then tempted me to buy this gorgeous shade of Freedom 100% wool from Twilleys

Twilleys Freedom yarn

It was reduced. It is pure wool and I have got a reason for buying it.

I have been promising my ever patient other half that I would knit him the Patchwork sweater from knitonthenet

patchwork sweater

So I have cast on yet another project.

patchwork cast on

patchwork close up 1

patchwork close up 2

But isn't it lovely?
Watching it change constantly is fascinating, and the yarn is beautifully soft and pliable. Now all I need to do is finish it in time for christmas!

so, for now

Ruby xx


Gudrun Johnston said...

That is going to be gorgeous!

Queen of the froggers said...

The colours are going to be lovely for that sweater. It is nice yarn, I am wearing my Clapotis made of it at the moment.