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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Internet and Prom Dresses

I have struggled for the last two or three days without proper internet access. Our router decided to die and left me unable to get onto the internet without having to go round to other people's houses and borrow their computers. A new router has now arrived and my beloved worked into the early hours of this morning to get it fixed. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until tonight before I can use it. So this will have to be a photo-less post. My apologies.

It is the half term holidays at the schools here, and my daughter and I, are going to Manchester on the train, later today, to look for her prom dress. Her school prom is not until May but most of her friends have already got their dresses, so its panic stations now. We're looking for something vintage, an original 50's/early 60's ballerina length dress. We think. My daughter is the most undecisive, changeable shopper on the planet. Takes all day to buy one thing - not like her mother at all. So I'm not expecting this to be easy. If we do get a dress, we've then got to tackle the shoe issue. She hates buying shoes. Has the tiniest feet imaginable yet insists all shoes make her feet look big. I'm five inches taller, three shoes sizer bigger and several stone heavier - she should worry!

There is a great place called Affleck's Palace, which is an old building crammed full of small stalls, lots of small businesses selling vintage clothes, hand made clothes, jewellery etc. Like a real life etsy, except they have been trading since the 1980's if not before. This is the ethos from their website:

"We are an independent enterprise, for the independent entrepreneur, existing amongst the wilderness of multiples hiding behind their 'dog eat dog' corporate facades which boringly blight our city centres.

The objective is now and always has been to encourage an exciting interesting place, which in our modest way would be something more than just a shopping centre based entirely on commercial interests.

The very essence of this business was started on the principle of youth culture in all its extremes, and letting people 'do their own thing' to achieve this objective. We try our best to nurture our fledgling entrepreneurs , and watch them fly!".

I really admire this attitude. It is so important for talented people who haven't got a fortune or an angel or a very understanding bank manager to have a way of getting their product out there. The building may be a little rough around the edges and there may be a lot of 'youths' there, but if you're in Manchester, give it a go.

I have been very busy on the knitting front but all for knitonthenet and A Stitch in Time. We are in the process of getting patterns and yarn packages together to send to all the knitters who have kindly volunteered to help. The first promotional photographs are being taken at the weekend - but more of that later.

for now
Ruby xx


Lauren Hairston said...

I love the idea of using vintage for prom. I always used a cocktail dress for my formals/proms so I could really dance and be able to wear the dress again because it didn't look like a "prom dress." I just love late 30s through early 60s styles (and have a weakness for disco fashion as well). You should see my green suede platforms!

Queen of the froggers said...

I hope you find the perfect prom dress, and shoes!

Robin said...

I never wore "prom dresses" for my formals either (like the previous commenter said) - good luck to you and your daughter for finding the exact right thing!

dawn said...

My daughter got her prom dress from BoodleAm in Leeds which is a very similar sort of shop selling a lot of alternativt clothes. £/4 length (cos she's short!) with a boned top and green with a black pattern on (looks fab, but doesn't sound so good!) She wore it with high heels and dressy jewellry for her prom and then with docs for a festival!

Hope you got something equally individual that makes her feel an individual and looks great