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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Barefoot Roses

roses close up

Despite not getting any sewing done recently I couldn't resist buying these fabrics a few days ago when I went to a very exciting but hush hush meeting. The floral cotton is called Barefoot Roses which is such a beautiful name. I bought a smaller piece of the spotted fabric to put with the floral as a trim.

barefoot roses

I just love the colours.

I also bought this Amy Butler pattern which I'm considering using with these fabrics

amy butler

Its a very different shape for me and although I really like it I don't really think the tunic shape is right for my shape. I think its going to be tight over the hips so I might incorporate the top section which I love into a different skirt shape. I'm going to start with a toile of the existing pattern though and see what I think. I'm probably going to have to move the waist position and make the skirt shorter.

I've been thrilled at the number of comments I've received this week, Its great to 'meet' some of you for the first time. I will try and reply to everyone over the weekend. Don't forget there's still time to post before the end of the competition on Saturday morning for your chance to win Knit so Fine. There's even a Knit So Fine Kal and blog now here

for now
Ruby xx


Gudrun Johnston said...

Cute fabric and very cute pattern...makes me very jealous though as I'm terrible at sewing!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful fabric! I love Amy Butler patterns - one day I'm going to be Very Brave and make myself something from one of her designs. I just bought her In Stitches book and it's so beautiful and inspiring.
The hush hush meeting sounds very exciting! Will we be let in on it soon, do you think?
Off to check out the Knit So Fine KAL site now :)

Lauren Hairston said...

Love the Barefoot Roses! The pattern that I used to make my friend Erika's bag was an Amy Butler and it turned out really well. I, too, share your concerns concerning tunics. I think shortening it into a blouse would work really well. The neckline is very attractive. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love the floral fabric and the pattern looks great.

Robin said...

Great fabrics!! I have that pattern as well, and I think it will be a better shape than the Anna Tunic (which I still haven't hemmed) is for me. I would just try it in muslin first. Her patterns run small (in my opinion) and I take a S in the upper body but a M in the lower (and probably could stand an L on the bottom half depending on how long it is.)

Robin said...

Oh, and I forgot to say to check out the reviews on the AB pattern on I find the pattern reviews very helpful on there as I can see how something turned out on someone with a similar shape.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Ooooh, fab pattern. I wish I were brave enough to try dressmaking again. ~x~