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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its my birthday and I'll sew if I want to....

Sorry for the gratuitous misquoting of song lyrics but as it is my birthday I am going to take a bit of time out to sew. I have a number of knitting projects on the go, and they are all 'getting there' but I just thought an hour or two today cutting out the pattern and making fit adjustments wouldn't be the end of the world (Listen to that guilt!). So I found a different pattern in my stash to use with the barefoot roses fabric and it is this New Look pattern (no 6587)

newlook 6587

I am going to do version C without the ribbon trims at the bottom. The cap sleeves and collar will be in the contrast pink spotted material. If I have enough of the spotted fabric I may try to make a length to insert in the skirt near to the bottom but I don't really know if I have enough. I will cut the sleeves and collar first to see. Here's the two fabrics together again.

roses and spots

I'm going to have to adjust the waist length as waists are always in the wrong position on me so I'll take some photos as I do it to share later.

I got a lovely bouquet of flowers off my beloved which show our chosen kitchen colours really well.

kitchen colours 2

This is the purple by itself, which will be the colour of the doors.

kitchen colours 1

and here it is with green as a supporting colour. The shade of green isn't right but it does illustrate really well how they will work together. This is the tile that I'm hoping to use.

green tile

Its from Fired Earth from their French Glaze range called Haute Provence. This is green 152 and there's also green 21 which is very similar, so I've sent for a sample of each to see which is the right one. They're not cheap and I'm adding birthday money to my kitchen fund to get enough together for them. Saying that we're only using them in moderation and at the same time they are so important to the finished look of the kitchen that it will be worth it.

I'm off to tea at my parent's tonight, mum is making us a roast dinner with lots of roast potatoes and I hope (if you're reading this mum) an enormous pile of carrot and turnip.

In the meantime, I'm off to try and find our stepladder so I can search my buttons for the right ones to go with my dress.

Have a lovely day

for now
Ruby xxx
P.s. edited FOUR times for spelling mistakes. Disgraceful.


Susie Hewer said...

Happy birthday Ruby! I should have known you were a Gemini like me (mine's on the 16th). Hope you have a lovely shiny day.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good day of sewing..can't wait to see the dress and the kitchen!! Enjoy your roast potatoes!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday!! Love that New Look pattern and can't wait to see it made up!

Queen of the froggers said...

I hope you have had a fab day. the sewing looks great and the colour of the flowers, gorgeous. xx

Stephanie N said...

Oh Happy Birthday! And happy sewing :)

Lauren Hairston said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I think the dress will be fabulous and what a great kitchen color combo. Very daring! I hope you've had a really fun day!

P.S. I usually have to go back and edit for missing words.
P.P.S. I forgot to address the American view of Nigella Lawson. The truth is, I really don't know except that when she's on David Letterman he is a huge flirt. All the complaints I've read have originated in the U.K. As for her being too fat, we Americans have no room to talk!

modelwidow said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. Looking forward to seeing the dress, those fabrics look great together and I really like the dress pattern.

picperfic said...

Happy Birthday"

Love the colours of your kitchen, very regal and rich!