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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Or chronologically, the Beast and the Beauty: I have had a very unsatisfactory day today in some ways, spending a considerable amount of time pinning and blocking the pieces of a garment to find that the fronts are different lengths to each other and both different to the back. I'm relieved to say I didn't knit it but I'm annoyed I didn't notice sooner. The welts are completely different lengths and as it is a cardigan its really noticeable at the front. The garment unfortunately can't be used, and I've blocked so some serious winding and washing is to be done.

Ho hum. While on the unwinding and remaking theme, I have decided to undo my sloppy joe. I don't wear it at all and it makes me feel huge. I love the Cocoon yarn though so would like to make something else from the new Cocoon book from Rowan


possibly one of these two -



Charlie and I have started on this lovely beret pattern together. This is the first full pattern that she has followed so we're going row by row together. We should hopefully have them finished in a few days.


I took delivery a few days ago of the latest Kim Hargreaves book called Thrown Together.


I think a lot of the patterns are from her kits but as I haven't got any of them I'm delighted. The book is beautifully photographed and I want to knit practically every project, especially this one


Oh, and this one


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Other than my unfinished beret, most of my knitting is that dreadful secret knitting that you can't share. However, I had a lovely treat the other day when I saw photos of the first completed Tropicana by Wolligkeiten

She has done the most fabulous version of my design. She knitted the body in the round, just starting at row 1 stitch 1 as the 2 piece pattern and had no problems with the pattern.



This is my favourite photo


I've used the word a lot in this post but it is beautiful.

for now

Ruby xxx


Aruba Blue said...

Sorry to hear about the cardigan Ruby, it is so frustrating!! I really like the Cocoon patterns it will be a difficult decision to choose. The new book looks really good I love the pink with the frills. xx

Robin said...

Love all the sweaters you pictured, but now I have to buy the Cocoon and the Thrown Together books because the designs are so gorgeous!! Especially love that first Cocoon pattern.

Lin said...

The Tropicana is wonderful isn't it. I like the second cardi in the Cocoon pictures, and I really need that Kim book, beautiful!