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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doesn't time fly....

I can't believe its a week since I last blogged. This week has gone so unbelievably quickly that this afternoon I felt like someone had sneaked into my brain in the night and taken a whole week of memory out. I have been doing, and been very busy, but won't be posting any progress photos tonight. I will tomorrow. But tonight I'm packing my baby's suitcase. My daughter is off with her school for 6 days on a foreign language trip in Spain. We have to get her to school at 05.45 in the morning! So the last couple of days have been taken up with all the planning, shopping, clothes altering etc etc necessary for her to be ready. I'm going to miss her so much.

The one thing I've made absolutely certain she put in her suitcase is a safety pin. I usually always carry at least one safety pin and a mending kit in my handbag. However, after a tidy up of my handbag the above mentioned items ended up on my window sill and forgotten about. On Saturday afternoon whilst walking round my local shops in the sunshine (therefore without a coat!) the zip on my skirt broke! I had to walk round with my skirt pulled up and my sweater pulled down till we got to the nearest habedashery and bought a box of safety pins. My friend, also never goes anywhere without safety pins, but had, to attend my wedding, also cleared out her bag to make it sleeker for the day, and had also forgotten to return the pins to their usual place.


How embarrassing. It did however stop me spending money on yarn in the habedashery department of my local store.

I have to return to my sewing machine now to taper a pair of denim jeans and shorten them by about 8 inches! They are the last thing to be packed.

I will post some WIP photos tomorrow.

for now
Ruby xxx

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