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Thursday, May 10, 2007


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I hope the image above gives a clue as to my recent blogging absence. I got married last Friday. It was a wonderful day shared by close family and friends. Unfortunately in the week leading up to it I didn't get very much time to knit! Which is really very unfair. However, I took some knitting away on honeymoon with us, but, sin of sins, forgot to pack a sweater, and when the weather turned I felt very stupid.

We only decided to get married 7 weeks ago and am very proud of how we managed to get everything organised. I don't think I would change a thing. I bought my dress from Monsoon Wedding range 'off the shelf' and felt like a million dollars (without spending it).

We have spent a few days in the Lake District at a beautiful old hotel, in a room with its own balcony were I managed to sit and knit. I received a wonderful gift from my Secret Pal just before we left. How cleverly thought out - a crystal champagne flute with a hank of champagne coloured pure silk yarn from Habu Textiles inside. I must have the best Secret Pal ever.

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Finally I have lots of news on the knitting front which I'll blog about over the weekend.

for now
Mrs Ruby xxx


kathleen said...

Congratulations! Wishing you many years of happiness.

(recently discovered your blog through knitonthenet - love your patterns)

Bobbi said...

That makes two weddings in our SP10 group in two weeks!

Debbieknitter said...

CONGRATULATIONS you sneaky little minx you. I know I don't "know" you but omg I am SUCH a cheesy sap when it comes to ANYTHING romantic. I am wishing you years and years of happiness. I have been married for 15years with 2 beautiful children and this is my advice...always, and I do mean ALWAYS have respect for one another and tell your spouse every single night that you love them. In the 15years we have been married there has not been one night where we did not tell each other we loved on another...di we ever have a fight?? HECK yeah, but we NEVER went to bed without telling each other that, even if we were mad as all get out at each other. My brother, who was married when I was 16 and I am 38 now....he has been married longer than the marriage license were on paper LOL.....anyways, one time I asked him what was his "key", his "recipe" and that was the advice he told me. He said try and look at it like this if you happen to be having a "moment" when you CERTAINLY don't wanna tell your spouse that lol....look at it in the fact that tomorrow, your spouse may still be here but what happens if your spouse can no longer communicate with you, do you think he would know that you love him...make sure you tell him enough so you never have to have someone validate it for you:) I am very very happy for you both, welcome to the "real world" LOL