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Saturday, May 03, 2008


All around me is dust, its on my keyboard, on my fingers, in my hair, on my clothes, in my eyes and its been like this for over a week. The builders are in both at home and at work. At home, they have knocked through into our living room and kitchen - we have nowhere to sit and nowhere to cook. At work all the plaster had to be knocked off the walls, the walls then had to be refilled and now replastered. It is absolutely awful. There isn't even anywhere clean enough to take a photograph.

What this means in terms of knitting is that I have barely been able to even risk taking knitting out of its bag as the dust is settling everywhere.

I am about half way up the body of my own Miss Scarlett which is looking beautiful but not growing.

I have the back done and am half way up the front of this pattern

moss and fern by teva durham

by Teva Durham, from her first Loop D Loop book for Tahki Stacey Charles.

I am using her Moss yarn as stated in the pattern and I like the end result but I'm not sure I like the yarn.

It has a very synthetic feel to it and I'm not particularly happy about that. I don't think that its a yarn I would use again. Its 85% extra fine merino and 15% nylon and I can feel the nylon. And yet, the garment is going to look gorgeous, so...

Three very exciting news items however,

knitonthenet was mentioned in a great article in The Guardian on Monday. You can read the article here, and



is featured pattern of the week on knitting pattern central. I'm really quite stunned and delighted. Wow!

and the new Kim Hargreaves book, Nectar, arrived yesterday. It has a classic Rowan feel to the production of the book, and the designs are classic Kim Hargreaves. There are a lot of designs I love but my instant favourites are probably

jasmine by kim hargreaves



sunlit by kim hargreaves


What looking through Kim's book also did was remind that Rowan Denim is a current yarn, and perfect for a design I'm working on for the next knitonthenet and I have LOTS in my stash. So thank you Kim for continuing to inspire me in so many ways.

for now
Ruby xx


Anonymous said...

What a great article in the Guardian! Thanks for sharing it. Nectar looks good, I think I might check it out.
Your sweater is going to be great when it's done, I can't wait to see it!

Queen of the froggers said...

It is horrid with dusy everywhere. That is great about the article in the paper too. I love the sweater you are knitting, must look at that book!