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Monday, May 19, 2008


I wrote on Valentine's Day about receiving a very special book as a present - The Lady's Knitting Book. From it I devised my version of the Tippet.


(See link to free pattern on sidebar)

When you go through the book something very unusual for a knitting book strikes you - there are no images. There are descriptions and stitch instructions to follow but no diagrams at all.

So I thought I would dip in, pick an instruction and see what it looked like as it knitted up. It is a thoroughly lovely way of knitting. The finished stitch pattern is a complete surprise.

This pattern is called Rosebud Pattern Border, which forms 'a handsome border for antimacassars or baby's berceaunette covers'?

rosebud border pattern1

As you look at this first photo you start knitting at the left hand end by casting on 21sts.

rosebud border pattern2

You can get a better idea of the rosebud pattern in these two photos

rosebud border pattern4

I really like the way its come out. I'm adapting the border on the left hand side as you look at the photo below to repeat on the right side of the panel and for the pattern to begin on a different row so you don't get the 'lumpy' bit at the beginning and then hopefully use it either in a sock or scarf pattern.

rosebud border pattern3

I knitted this sample using an oddment of pure cashmere from Filatura Di Crosa on 5mm needles. I wanted to see if lace pattern would show up on the chocolatey brown fabric and in a natural light it did so very well.

I shall try and keep dipping into the book and sharing what I find. I'm very scared of using it too much though as it is so very old. You can't even open it up properly and trying to knit whilst holding the book in one hand isn't the easiest of knitting methods!

for now
Ruby xx


Aruba Blue said...

This was a 'lucky dip' its beautiful!! x

Queen of the froggers said...

That is a nice pattern.

Carolyn said...

I've wandered over here from Queen of the Froggers. I love your Tippet, thank you for providing the pattern!

Lauren Hairston said...

What a great stitch pattern! I'd like to see more but I totally understand your trepidation regarding the old books. I have several I'm too afraid to even open!