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Thursday, January 21, 2010


This might seem an unimaginative post title on a blog mainly about knitting, but there is a reason for this. Back in September I was asked if one of the jumpers from A Stitch in Time could be featured in, you've guessed it, Knitting magazine. I duly sent the jumper off for photography and then out of the blue a friend told me she had seen my jumper on the cover of a magazine. I had no idea it was to be the cover but I am stupidly excited by this. When you entrust your designs to a third party to present them on your behalf, it is very scary. Its like letting your child take the bus by themselves for the first time. Will it be ok? Will they look after it? My biggest concern is always how a design is photographed. With photography and styling being my secondary obsessions this is a stress I bring on myself. But there was no need to worry. The cover image and the images inside the magazine are delightful. Here's a little peek.

Here it is on the cover(twice) of the February issue.

And here is the beautiful shot from inside the magazine. The jumper is called Frilly Sleeves and is made using Knitshop Mulberry Silk which is a fabulous yarn. I useda colour called khaki gold which has got a wonderful faded quality about it.

In addition to the featured pattern I have also written a little article to accompany it called why we love vintage, which begins on page 46.

I'll be back tomorrow!

p.s. The jumper is now safely back at home and packed away.

for now
Ruby xxx


Jessie T. said...

How exciting! And well deserved: The jumper is fantastic.

I understand the fear you have sending your knitwear off. I feel the same way when I design materials for work and have to send them to the printer.

Fear. Every. Time.

Gudrun Johnston said...

Yay..that is very exciting and it's a truly lovely jumper!

Aruba Blue said...

Congratulations you deserve it and more!! Its really exciting, go girl, lots of love xx

Linda said...

Haven't they done it well, its a gorgeous knit.