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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Get ready for this - Image Heavy Post

And I mean that most sincerely folks... There are a lot of things to show you today.

I'll begin with my christmas holiday knitting. I've got the back finished on Patchwork sweater

patchwork back

for hubby, who is impatiently watching asking if its finished yet. I am about a third of the way up the front and then think I will knit the sleeves together. I have worked short row shaping on the shoulders instead of casting off but otherwise followed the pattern exactly.

The second project I've been working on is this lovely scarf designed by my SP11 friend Anne


You can find the english version of the pattern here

I'm up to row 64. Mine looks slightly different to Anne's originals as my yarn creates a different effect with the colours. I am using Evilla 100% wool 8/2 yarn which I received from my other SP11 Rieppa.

This is the yarn after it has been wound from the skein.


The first skein wound on really easily, but the second was twisted and knotted and took not far off an hour to untangle. Despite that its really lovely yarn and I love the mossiness of it. It looks so organic (in a living sense)with the colours changing just as they would in nature.

annes shawl

I'm currently working on straight needles but will probably have to change to a long circular sometime soon.

I managed to get a number of my fabrics photographed yesterday - but not all. The first is for a summer skirt.


It is 100% cotton gingham with pretty little daisies embroidered on to it. I'm going to make a full swirly skirt with it.

Next is this cotton jersey print which my daughter has chosen for a summer dress


Very 'topshop' apparently.

I then found this gorgeous wool tartan in the remnants bins. I don't know exactly how much there is yet but at least 3 metres.


You can see the colours in the next photo better. Its raspberry as opposed to red with cerise pink and charcoal grey stripes running through it. I also bought some embroidery threads and beads to add some surface embroidery to it. Again its going to be a skirt - very Vivienne Westwood. Sketches to follow in next few days.


The piece de resistance from the fabric shop was this devore satin. Its absolutely beautiful.


It was a roll end so I've got about 3.5 metres to make my green dress


There should be just enough. Will have to be careful not to make any mistakes. I also bought a matching lining as this will show through the devore.


I also got two very useful tools which I used to have and lost in a house move.

A set of french curves (for drawing curves)

french curve

and also a flexible curve, which is incredibly versatile. You can lay it over an existing curve, say a sleeve head, bend it to fit, move to graph or other paper and draw round it.


Back to knitting yarn - I also bought some of Sirdar's new Eco yarn.

eco yarn

I know they're jumping on the bandwagon but we still need to encourage mainstream manufacturers to move out of their comfort zone and if we don't buy it they won't make it!

Its 100% undyed virgin wool DK weight and the label says 'only natural products have been used in processing of this 100% wool'. I'm going to design a boys sweater so again sketches to follow.

I'm sure you've all had quite enough by now so

for now

Ruby xx


AnneM said...

wow, it is so nice to see that you are working with Revontuli :D I also think that those shades of green are beautiful!!

Gudrun Johnston said...

The greens on the shawl are just gorgeous! I envy you sewing skills will be busy...can't wait to see!

Robin said...

Love all those fabrics!

Lauren Hairston said...

I jealous of your tartan-remnant discovery. I have a rather unhealthy tartan obsession and even had a tartan-print metal lunch box in middle school. I just bought some wool tartan (full price, argh) for a pencil skirt. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Lauren Hairston said...

I am jealous, rather. I do speak English, I promise!

Linda said...

The shawl pattern is beautiful. I love the satin for tbe dress, i look forward to seeing it .

Rachel said...

What inspiring fabric!
I love the idea of beading the tartan. Pretty!