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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to you all

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable New Year. I feel like I've been away from the computer for ever. I was going to write a deeply serious, introspective and retrospective piece on my year and a bit blogging, but for today at least I have decided against it. I have done a fair chunk of knitting over the holidays and also bought some wonderful fabrics and yarn on a trip to Abakhan fabrics in Liverpool who sell discounted yarns and fabrics and plan to photo all of this tomorrow.

But for today, we went as a family for our New Year's walk around our local park and village and remembered to take the camera with us.


This is the main street through our local village. It looks very peaceful but attracts a considerable number of tourists throughout the year.


This is one of our two local pubs. Both extremely old buildings with low ceilings and lots of tiny adjoining rooms.

And this is my favourite shop in our village

chocolate shop

one of the best sweet shops anywhere. Our village is very old, with there being recorded evidence of people living here since as early as 1066. (The sweet shop probably wasn't here then unfortunately).

After walking through the village we went through our park (or Botanic Gardens as it is more correctly termed)


This is the fountain in the middle of the lake and here is some interesting victorian detailing on the museum roof


I have to return to family get togethers but will be back tomorrow with yarn, fabric and WIPS.

for now
Ruby xx


Gudrun Johnston said...

Oh I miss ye olde pubs of Britain!
Happy New Year!

Lauren Hairston said...

Your town is absolutely beautiful. I love it! 1066, eh? My town was established after the Land Run of 1889. Vive la différence! :-) Have a Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I love the oldy worldiness of Britain! I love chocolate shops too!

Robin said...

I love the pictures of your town - fabulous!

Did you see that Blanche is in the top 20 for nominations at SKC? Yay!