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Monday, February 12, 2007

Had to frog

Just spent my spare time the last couple of days working on a pair of lovely, lacy over the knee, long socks with a 12 row pattern repeat in 4 ply and tonight whilst watching Project Catwalk, and not concentrating I MADE A MISTAKE and you can see it really clearly so have had to take it out right to the beginning as I wasn't sure what row I was on. Damn, Damn, Damn.

So tomorrow we start again. After a trip to my LYS to buy some more yarn. Had done the socks in cream and think that was a mistake too now, so am going to look for a more sympathetic colour, and some olive green yarn for a 1930's/1940's style hat.

Also scanning in some of these great images from my old mags.

Hopefully more progress tomorrow...

but, for now

Ruby x

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crissy said...

i love scanning old mags i have alot of my moms old knitting booklets and patterns from wow back in the 1920s i would guess or maybe even the 30s and 40s and some from the 50s that i have been busy here and there trying hard to scan to the pc because the paper there printed on is deterating maybe some of that scrapbookers achrival mist stuff when i can remember it before i tuck them back into boxes for storage. i sure dont want to thumb through them to often anymore.