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Sunday, February 25, 2007

My green hat

The get stitchy February knitalong combined with my going through a whole pile of 1930's women's magazines brought me to my own special green hat. It as yet has no name. There are several options but no decision made. The pattern will be available in the new issue of knitonthenet out in March, but i'm so pleased with it I had to show it off. Its made in Jo Sharp Classic dk yarn, which is a standard dk yarn, in a dark olive green, which to me, seems so 1930's. Its made in 4 pieces; the crown is very simply crocheted, the brim is knitted on very small needles to make a pretty firm fabric, and then 2 square flaps are knitted, folded in half and crocheted together to make triangles. Its all then sewn together and voila. The buttons are vintage, from my great grandmothers button box. Any name suggestions will be gratefully considered.

for now
Ruby x


dqb said...

i love that hat!!!!

msfortuknit said...

you have fantastic taste ruby!