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Monday, February 19, 2007

So inspiring

This is the front cover from a wonderful dressmaking magazine from the 1930's.

I'm trying to create some new patterns from the originals but in the meantime I've nearly completed my ultra neat little hat inspired by these magazines. The pieces are all knitted and just need blocking and sewing up then all will be revealed!!!

I need to source a really good supplier of quality fabrics. Its just not easy to get fabrics these days. If anyone knows anywhere - anywhere - that sells beautiful fabrics please let me know.

for now
Ruby x


crissy said...

omg that is a awesome mag you have there. wow the fashions they had back then. never in a million years could i dress like that . or close. you do know in alaska we ladies go out for the evening wearing some really nice dresses depending on what the occasion is all of us tend to wear something comes to the ankles for warmth reasons. awe but dont look any farther because underneath all that beautiful get up always lerks a pair of mud ducks or a pair of extra tuffs or some horrible looking snow boots that come u pto the knees LOL not many laides out on the town here even bother with an extra pair of shoes when they go out they just grab that dress and dance away in there bear feet or keep them mud ducks on . thought this little peice of factt of alaskan fashion would make you smile or laugh. hugs and hope you find the fabric your looking for . cant wait to see your hat your working on sounds so yummy :)

Robynn said...

If you can get into London, there are a few places on Berwick Street, Soho, that have the most mind-blowing array of fabrics. The Cloth House and Borovicks are two names, I think. Spectacular stuff... but not cheap. If you come across any wholesale suppliers of particularly luscious things, please share!

sewnsyl said...

try for some lovely lawn prints