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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

As time goes by

Can't believe a week has passed and I haven't had chance to post. I have finished projects and new projects to show but will have to wait until tomorrow as TLC (Teens Love Craft Club) has moved to Tuesday night for one week only. I will hopefully have some photos of their fab projects aswell.

I have completed Phyllo and am half way up the back on Sloppy Joe. I have also been having a stash sort and have over three bin bags full of yarn to sell/swap. I am putting a list together tomorrow.

I am going to cast on tree jacket tonight for the Sexy Knitters latest Kal. After reading Robin's blog I'm going to make the neck a good inch shorter as she suggests.

until tomorrow
Ruby xx


Anonymous said...

Love this Sweater--I am adding you to THE BLOGS I READ and I am hoping it is OK with you...Edna
PS-thank you for your recent kind comments...

Robin said...

Yay on Tree Jacket! I'm not sure if one inch shorter is the magic formula, or if it possibly could be shorter, but I just sort of randomly figured that would work. There was no science associated with it!! I wanted it to be long enough to be a cowl but not too long.