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Monday, October 29, 2007

Thank you secret pal

I received a wonderful parcel today from my lovely secret pal from Finland. Thank you so much Eeva. I was very worried when I first saw the package as there was a sticker attached to it from the Royal Mail apologising for damaging the package and they hoped nothing was broken or missing! But when I opened it everything was intact and present.

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At the front is Drops Alpaca from Garn studio, I've never had any of their yarn before and I'm so excited. There are also two skeins of Lanka Pirkanmaan which is a pure wool produced in Finland

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There is also a beautifully scented natural soap called Forest Magic with this beautiful write up on the back:

"All seasons of the year are magic in the forest. Each season has its own special smells, colours, and music. My favorites are the fall and spring. Fir trees have a special scent, almost as if they are getting ready to slow down for the winter. Sap runs more slowly as the cold weather approaches...."

In addition to these wonderful presents there is also this wonderful wooden fox

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Such a great idea, you put it on the edge of a saucepan to hold the lid up to let the steam escape. I love it.

Finally there is a beautiful wooden charm necklace that I'm wearing now and forgot to photograph but is gorgeous and will photograph next time. You can just see it in the first photo.

Thank you again secret pal.

I went into the garden at the weekend and took some photos of the garden before it goes to sleep.

This is my little oak tree now one year old

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Hopefully he will be here long after I have gone. The garden has been a building site for a whole year now and yet nature still finds a way. This plant/weed - don't know which - had found a place to grow amongst the debris

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and this lovely dandelion clock looking absolutely perfect

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I treated myself to two skeins of this gorgeous yarn by mirasolperu called Hacho. Its 100% hand dyed merino wool spun in Peru. A portion of each sale goes towards the funding of a school in a remote part of Peru. There's something about the colours that despite them being olive and sage greens, mustard and gold they seem bright and summery as the sun is shining through them, especially when photographed on this cool piece of 1970's fabric from my stash.

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Plans now afoot for all manner of lovely things.

for now
Ruby xx


Gudrun Johnston said...

I have to admit to feeling a little jealous of the whole secret pal thing...folks seem to get such lovely surprises in the mail!! Love that rich blue on the Alpaca......and that other Peruvian!

Queen of the froggers said...

That Alpaca is lovely and soft to knit with. Such a great package especially the fox!

emmms said...

What a great package! The alpaca looks amazing, fab colour.

Will email soon. Time has become a nightmarish commodity lately. xx

Robin said...

Love the fox, and that vintage fabric! Great colors!

Aruba Blue said...

I love the Phyllo jumper it has come out really well ..... and the 40's knitted dress is an absolute dream. Nice to see the oak tree has flourished so well despite all the building work.
The 'Poppy' idea is fantastic. We should never forget the sacrifices people made for us. It looks really funky!
Catch u soon Ruby lady!