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Saturday, April 07, 2007

4 days off, sunshine, food and knitting

Who could ask for more. What a glorious start to this Easter break. The sun is shining and the air smells of summer. I bought lots of goodies on Thursday to feed us for the weekend and to cook lots of lovely things. I have just got my lollie makers out of the outhouse to make some pure juice lollies. There is a lovely lolly in a Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall book where you add vodka or gin to the lollies. Rather nice, but for adults only. I got my lolly makers in the depths of winter in a sale at Laura Ashley and they cost about £1 for 4. They are pink and blue with flowers on. So lovely. And now I can actually use them.

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As for knitting, this weekend I am knitting totally selfishly and have started on Sahara for the Sexy Knitters club knitalong. I couldnt take part in the last one as I had so much to do. This time I'm going to get it done. I am using a Louisa Harding silk and wool yarn called grace, in a lovely shade of green. Going well so far. The method is interesting. You cast on at shoulders and back neck using a provisional cast on and knit down to the underarm. Then you pick the shoulder stitches back up from the provisional cast on and did the two fronts seperately but at the same time again down to the underarm, then you join it all together. I'm just about to progress to the main body and start the bust shaping so have to put some markers in place.

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The yarn is lovely on the whole but is possibly that little bit too soft and may pill a bit. I shall just have to see. When I get to the neckline I have some bronze beads I am going to add here and there to look like the Tilli Thomas yarn it was done in on the pattern. Lovely stuff but beyond my budget.

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I'm going for the cap sleeve version. Will try to get as much done this weekend as possible. Will let you know more next week.

Have a lovely easter.

for now
Ruby x


DebbieKnitter said...

That looks just lovely!! I have considered getting that pattern but am afraid it would be to challenging for me :(
I have been reading your blog since you pattern in Knitty, it's great!! Happy Easter!

Charlie Moon said...

Hello mummy. :)
I cant wait for the lovely goodies
you will be cooking for me, that you talk about in your blog.
Also, i cannot wait to try one of the pure juice lollies, made in the really pretty lolly makers. - which by the way - you must leave to me!

I just edited my blog. I cant really get the hang of it. So, you might have to help me out a bit.

cheers. :)
i love you xoxo

Charlie Moon said...

oh! and happy easter.

Anonymous said...

What pattern is that? My daughter fell in love with the long sleeve version.

IndigoMuse said...

I'm using the same yarn for my Sahara. I'm interested in knowing if it stretched or pilled a lot? Its quite lovely stuff to knit with and I can't wait until its finished. Love the color of yours.

Just call me Ruby said...

It has pilled i'm afraid. Won't stop me wearing it but have had to use my 'de-bobbler' after only one wear which is a big shame.