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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Sahara, my back garden & chocolate from my SP10

Sahara continued in fits and bursts over the weekend. By Saturday evening she looked like this -

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The fit is obviously a little difficult to gauge with no front panel in place but the shaping seems to have worked beautifully.

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And the back shaping looks like its going to give an absolutely gorgeous fit.

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She has actually grown quite considerably since these photos but will wait now until body is cast off before taking any more pics.

If you don't know where to find the pattern this is the page link

I received a lovely present of chocolate ladybirds from my SP10 aswell which are so lovely I don't want to eat them. Photos to follow. Talking of SP10's I am packing up my first parcel today to send to my pal. I hope she likes her goodies.

And finally, in between knitting, we started on our house extension at the weekend, which is extremely exciting. We did lots of ground work and preparations and the extension size and shape is now all pegged out in the garden. I'll post some pics of progress when there's actually something worth seeing, but the first step has been taken. I've currently got the smallest kitchen in the world, which for a cook is very depressing. So I will have a bigger kitchen and room for a kitchen table which is so important to family life I think. I've got so many ideas as this is the start of the whole house renovation and THEN studio in the garden!!!!!! can't wait.

We are going to our caravan in the lake district at the weekend so won't be posting till I come back but intend to knit and knit and knit, so we shall see if Sahara is finished on my return.

for now,
have a lovely weekend

Ruby xxx


Anonymous said...

I so want to knit this pattern for myself. Pricey if you use the Tilli Thomas yarn. I'm trying to think of possible alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby, I just bought this pattern from Stitch Diva and am trying to find a yarn to sub with. The Tilli Thomas is a bit pricey for my taste and I am really not that wild about it. What yarn are you using, it is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Sahara looks great! I hope you had a good time this weekend.