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Thursday, April 19, 2007

So much to blog about, so little time...

This has ended up being a week with a lot to talk about. First of all, did I finish Sahara? NO. I knitted all weekend. It was wonderful. However, a couple of design issues meant I had to frog, which has slowed me down no end. First of all, I decided to go with the cap sleeve version of Sahara, but when I tried it on the sleeve was much to loose round the top of my arm. So out it had to come. I was going to figure out some decreasing but as the sleeve is knitted from the shoulder down in short rows, I didn't really want to start messing with what was supposed to be a pain free project, so I'm now doing the sleeveless version. All I now have left to do is the sleeve edging.

The other problem I had was with the hem edging at the bottom of the garment. I initially cast off loosely as suggested on the pattern but still found the edge didn't have enough give - especially for those of us with shapely bottoms! So I frogged again. I have now knit the edging on 3.75mm needles and cast off with a 5mm needle and it sits so much better.

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This is how it looks at the moment, modelled by the lovely, new Dita Von Dummy, not replacing Marilyn Mannequin, just offering a different look.

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I was worried the front might have been too low, but it has worked out beautifully.

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I am really pleased with the finished result. The fit is exquisite. This is one I think I will definately knit again. I may even try and stretch to the original Tilli Thomas yarn.

I also received a lovely, lovely, parcel from my lovely, lovely SP10 friend. The photos I have taken of the yarn have come out all blurred, but I received 2 beautiful hanks of yarn from the Natural Dye Studio in the most glorious shade of GREEN - my favorite. My SP10 tells me that all the dyes used are completely natural, so I'm going to investigate this company further. I also received a hank of Lorna's Laces yarn in a beautiful colourway, which I will try and photograph again to do it justice. I then also received a tin box of buttons. Fantastic. Not only do I collect buttons, but unbeknownst to my SP10 I collect tin boxes. It couldn't have been better.

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It goes on. I also got a fab mug, which also wouldn't photograph with the words 'life is nothing without friendship' How true. Friends make the world go round. Thank you Emma, my SP10 you made my day.

OOh, she also sent me a recipe for the best cup cakes ever so I am going to have a go this weekend and shall let you all know.

for now

Ruby x


Anonymous said...

Your Sahara came out beautifully. I can't wait to try this. I like the yarn you used. Very pretty.


crissy said...

the sahara is beautiful you did a wonderful job and i am also glad you began to blog again too and that your blog is mentioned in a review on line wow congrats on that one . keep up the good work i love reading what your doing all the time.
crissy aka knitmewarm in alaska